Helper's room/ Maid's room (Converted from HDB BTO Service Yard)


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HDB BTO owners have one common problem; lack of space! Whether is it a 3-room flat, 4-room, or 5-room, the space is sometimes just not enough!

The rooms are quite small these days, especially so when one has kids, and works from home (Work room is required). Not to mention, some of us has a room converted into a walk-in wardrobe.

Without an extra room, a helper is sometimes left to sleep in the living room. This provides little to no privacy for the helpers when she's sleeping especially so when there are male adults at home or when there's CCTV installed in the living room. 

Sleeping in the "bomb shelter" a.k.a storeroom is also not allowed, and provides little to no ventilation for the helper. What is one good area to be converted into a helper's room then?

It is actually the Service Yard! 

Im sure you have seen space saving bed bed concepts like these.. let's apply it into your service yard!

Although the space is small, this space when properly converted enables the helper to have good privacy, and good ventilation. Additionally, the helper is near to the kitchen (her main work area).


Wall-mounted/ Built in Bed Only 

$1,150 only!

Verttically Wall-Mounted Bed - Example

Horizontally Wall-Mounted Bed - Example

  • Wall-mounted Built-in Bed
  • High quality mechanism
  • Made of metal
  • Full PVC finish
  • 100% Solid Compressed Plywood
  • 3 years on site warranty
  • Fully customisable
  • Mattress not included

There are 3 Add-on Options

    Option 1- Add on: Cabinets (Yes/No)

    • Built-in
    • Full-Height


    Option 2 - Add on: Privacy Blinds (Yes/No)


    • Includes 2 Blinds 
    • Blinds (Separating Kitchen and Service Yard)
    • Blinds (Kitchen Lourve Windows)

    a) Pull-down Blinds (Separating Kitchen and Service Yard) - Example

    b) Pull-down Blinds for Kitchen Lourve Windows - Example) 

    Option 3 - Add on: Main Window Blinds (Yes/No)

    • Black-out Roller Blinds
    • Service Yard Sliding Windows)

    Blackout Roller Blinds for windows - Example)

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    5 themes to choose from for the laminate.

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