So what is the hype about AULORA clothings?

This is not your average compression garment...

It enhances amazing blood circulation that it creates miraculous effects for many people.

 Kodenshi Fibre V.S. Ordinary Fibre



Infused with the state-of-the-art technology from Japan this AULORA PANTS comes with an amazing Kodenshi® material where it is airy and flexible for your daily use.

Amazing sharings and experiences from users...

The common thing about these pretty ladies and gentlemen are they managed to slim down without slimming pills and control diet.

After wearing Aulora Kodenshi pants, our blood circulation become better, slimming is just part of the bonus. The most important part is our health condition improved.

Remember to wear Aulora Pants for at least 8 hours a day.

Of course, if you wear it 24 hours a day and night, you can definitely see the effect more quickly! 😘😘😘


An amazing Testimonial from Mommy Audrey:

I'm so happy to announce that I'm 6 weeks pregnant!!!! It's been long awaited since the day we got married. I was diagnosed with right ovary blockage. Since then I've undergo different types of treatment including Chinese traditional medication and yet the blockage is still there.

I started wearing Aulora Pants, Aulora Panties and Aulora Top 24/7 since MCO started until the end of CMCO. Few days ago I wasn't feeling well, nausea and bloating. Then I went for check up and found out that I was pregnant. I was so surprised and went for another checkup and got to know that the blockage in my ovary has gone!! Vanished without any medication since before MCO. I'm so impressed and I would like to thank BE International for having such wonderful product!! Few months of nonstop wearing Aulora series helps our parenting dream comes true!!!

Happy Mommies in AULORA pants:


Product Range

1) AULORA Pants

Imported directly from Japan, AULORA PANTS with Kodenshi® is a new generation of high-quality compression garment. Created using Kodenshi® fiber, it absorbs the wearer’s body temperature and reflects it back to the wearer’s body, while providing holistic and lasting support during any activity. AULORA PANTS with Kodenshi® is a stylish, convenient and comfortable way to help you achieve healthy legs, which in turn can lead to a healthy body.

AULORA PANTS is now available in both female and male version.

A friend asked, is there any Aulora Pants for kids?

YES of course!

What is the function for kids when they are still so young??
Helping your child stay fit and healthy 💪🏻

🎯 Remember, good blood circulation isn't just for the age 😉

Get Aulora Pants for your beloved children or grandchildren today so they will be more cheerful ❤


How to wash?

How to wear?



2) AULORA Basic Tops

Designed using the patented Kodenshi® Fiber from Japan, which integrates ultra-fine ceramics into each yarn to help maintain body temperature, ensure maximum breathability, and provide optimum comfort. AULORA BASIC TOP with Kodenshi® is the future of functional wear.

3) AULORA Boxer and Panties

AULORA PANTIES with Kodenshi® Lace and AULORA BOXER with Kodenshi® Classic are a synergistic combination of comfort and style. Made with world-class Kodenshi® Fibre, these specially designed intimate wear items provide a lifting effect in addition to lasting and holistic support. The fabric comes with excellent dampness reduction function and anti-odour properties, allowing you to stay fresh throughout the day and night. Additionally, the 3D Sewing design provides complete hip covering with a touch of comfort.

The stylish, understated lace crafted into AULORA PANTIES with Kodenshi® provides a fashionably elegant look, while the seamless and stretchable AULORA BOXER with Kodenshi® creates a strong masculine silhouette.


4) AULORA Socks

AULORA SOCKS with Kodenshi® are designed using Kodenshi® Fiber and help absorb the wearer’s temperature while providing the right amount of gentle pressure for holistic and comfortable support.

The unique weaving method of AULORA SOCKS with Kodenshi® provides a better stretching and compression effect, as well as an easy and snug experience for the wearer.

Do note that due to the nature of the Kodenshi® material, machine wash is not recommended at all. Only hand wash with cold water and hang it to dry, do not spin or squeeze the pants as this will affect the shape.


Baby + Aulora Socks...🧦🧦
Young parents please take note...One of our customers just shared with us this cute feedback!

They put on Aulora Socks on their baby!

Why? Being active during the day time, their baby has difficulty sleeping through out the night.

So when they put on the Aulora Socks on their baby... they were surprised to notice their baby could sleep through out the night!




As AULORA wants to preserve its authenticity of its products and to prevent counterfeit products, it forbids the sales of products through any online platforms. As such, all purchase of the products will be done only through its authorised distributors. Interested parties please fill up your details and we will get in touch with you: