Robotics class @ Rochester (12 weeks X 1.5 hours lesson)


Program Outline
Course Name:  Technic Bricks with Junior Robotics
Age group:  5 – 8 years old
Total No. of Hours  1.5 hour / lesson  
Cost      $690/12 lessons

Address: 35 Rochester Drive #03-06 Rochester Mall Singapore 138639

NOTE: Offer is only available at center in Rochester

Course Description And How It Benefits Your Child

Technic Bricks with Junior Robotics program

This program is 1.5-hours long and shows a higher level or engagement with the child in areas like logical thinking during the model building phase.
We uses a themed based approach by sharing with the child general topics surrounding the theme of that week (i.e renewable energies, construction equipment, automotive, animals, etc..)


We also focus on the creative thinking portion when it comes to the programming phase. The child are trained to control the model and also to think of ways to create a personality for the creation that they have built. In the process, learning how to troubleshoot and work their way out of a problem.
Complements syllabus that are taught in school to further enhance learning for the children – schools that we have worked with based on our model plans include St James Church Kindergarten, Eton School House, Mindchamp, Lumiere Montessori, Little Sparks Montessori, Grace School House, Rainbow Cove and many more

Purposeful play learning concept based on intriguing different senses to enhance learning experience and outcome
Modular curriculum allows for customization to meet Learn or Play environment. It can be an educational workshop, or a little tweak to make it a fun bonding session.
*Advanced Robotics courses available for 8 years and above. Enquire for more info
Bricks 4 Kidz is the highly popular children’s edutainment program from the United States is now in Singapore!Bricks 4 Kidz offers an unique educational LEGO® bricks model building for children between the ages of 3 to 12 years old.  Both children and their parents can benefit from a host of education programs built around the company’s proprietary model plans, designed by engineers and architects, with exciting themes such as space, construction and amusement parks. 
What parents have to say…

“My son loved that he could build these landmarks that he had heard of. He hasn't stopped talking about the suspension bridge and the Eiffel Tower. He did remark that there were containers where when he put his hands in to get 'little square pieces' at the bottom of the box, his hands got scratched. I am not sure what you can do about that but I'm just reporting what my son said. He would probably like to do it at the end of the year if the landmarks built were different.”
- Parent Shereen Ng


“Really appreciated the thoughtful mini-Polaroid that each kid took with their creation each day as well as the handout given on the second day listing the letters of the alphabet they learnt and the attendant rhyme/song. :) All in all, I think Cayden had fun during the programme. Wish it had run for a few more days.”
- Parent Carol Au


“Thanks for the feedback request. Wasn't at the session but my son at rainbow enjoyed a lot. Is there any chance that it can be part of enrichment programme? "
- Parent Koh Chai Peng


“My child from the Nursery class did not mention anything negative and he seemed to have enjoyed the classes. It appears that he enjoyed this class the most amongst all the enrichment courses he took this holiday. Keep it up :)”
- Parent Li Yuen Chin


“My 5 year old boy is loving his time in Lego Bricks classes. Glad you opened next door :)“

- Parent Richa Kachhwaha


“My son Taeden Goh just attended day one of this camp yesterday and totally loved it! He came home and explained the height and dimension differences of his construction too. Thanks for making it such a wonderful experience!” 

- Parent Ping Lim


Play first, learn first

Bricks 4 Kidz was brought into Singapore through the owners’ strong desire to create a stimulating and creative enrichment environment where kids can focus on playing without the excessive emphasis on learning.  But at the end of the day, will still be able to be intellectually engaged in the process.

This desire has driven the owners to Florida to be personally trained on the curriculum of Bricks 4 Kidz before opening the first of its kind facility in Singapore!

The spirit and philosophy of Bricks 4 Kidz is in line with recent focus on the principle of ‘purposeful play’ in designing preschool programmes.  This principle is guided by placing equal focus on both learning and play.

Creative Learning Corporation (CLCN), operating under the trade name Bricks 4 Kidz®, offers an exciting, educational experience for children ages 3 – 12+, where we learn, we build, we play… with LEGO® bricks. Through a unique franchise business model that includes a proprietary Franchise Marketing Tool (FMT), our specially designed program utilizes theme-based LEGO® model building to provide opportunities for problem-solving and help kids develop an appreciation for how things work. All this takes place while kids are having fun and socializing in a safe, relaxed learning environment.
Terms and Conditions
1.Payment made is non- transferable and non-refundable.
2.To avoid being penalised for an unattended session, please inform us 7 days prior to the scheduled class. If not the session will be forfeited.
3.If your child is unable to attend the class on the actual day due to medical reasons, please provide us with the medical certificate.
4.If 7-days prior notice or medical certificate is not presented, the session will be forfeited.
5.All sessions must be completed within 28 weeks from the start of 1st session for a 24 sessions package and within 14 weeks for a 12 sessions package.
6.Pls remember to bring socks for your child

NOTE: Offer is only available at center in Rochester