CBS Triple Deluxe (Slimming Pills) + Rushup (Slimming Essence) !


Mommies, if no matter how hard you diet or workout, you are never satisfied with your body shape, or have even suffered side effects such as diarrhoea, thirsty or discomfort, you should now give this a shot. 



CBS Triple Deluxe (Slimming Pills)


Korea Rushup Slimming Essence (Slimming Essence)



CBS Triple Deluxe (60 pills) - Internal Treatment

Unlike your usual slimming pills, Australia CBS Triple Deluxe is a 100% natural herbs health supplement.

A well known Australian brand which has been selling for 11 years in the market. Now with 3 new booster ingredients, which helps achieve better results - also a natural immune system booster!

With Zero side effects, No stimulant, it helps promote better sleep. 

Unlike your usual products, CBS Triple Deluxe helps increase your metabolism rate which then converts your fats to energy thus helping you slim down healthily without having you to experience discomfort by running to the bathroom constantly. Instead you will feel more energetic!


It also helps to remove toxins which results in better complexion, reduces water retention and bloating. 
It is Lab tested, 100% No side effects, no rebound, no diarrhea, doesn't cause irregular heartbeat or insomnia. Will not affect ladies who wish to get pregnant, we do have customers who take CBS and only stop when she found out she's pregnant.

•    Increases metabolism up to 50%
•    Converts fats into energy thus you feel more energetic
•    Burn up to 1800 calories
•    Helps absorb fats and expel toxins from body
•    Detox and beautify skin
•    NO diarrhoea, NO side effects, NO Discomfort   
•    Effectively Slims lower body
•    Reduces water retention and bloating  

Recommended at least 1 set (2 Bottles) for one treatment.
Each Bottle has 60 pills, for those who are looking to slim down, recommended to take 3 times a day for faster results , therefore a bottle will last about 10 days.
For those looking to maintain weight, it is recommended to take 2 times a day before any heavy meal, therefore a bottle will last about 15 days.

Thus we always recommended for our customers to take at least 2 bottles ( 1 set) to try for a period of 20-30 days.  

Note: Although this product will not cause any side effects, Pregnant or nursing mothers are not recommended to take. Those with heart,liver, renal insufficiency or other diseases, please seek doctor's advice.

How to have even better results? Do it internally and externally!


Korea Rushup Slimming Essence (100ml) - External Treatment

Not your usual slimming essence - Korea Rushup Slimming Essence is safe for even pregnant/breastfeeding mummies!

A well known Korea brand which has been selling for 12 years in the market. Rushup Slimming Essence doesn't cause any hot/tingling/uncomfortable sensation when applied, thus it is 100% safe for everyone!

Not only for slimming but also for toning, reducing or preventing stretch marks or cellulites!


•  Suitable even for face - to get rid of double chin / achieve v shape face
•  Smaller molecules for faster absorption to break up fatty cells effectively
•  Reduce and prevent Cellulite and stretch marks 
•  Lighten scars & Pigmentation
•  Moisturizes, brighten and whiten skin
•  With lavender essential oil to promote better sleep and relaxation
•  With Rosehip and Vitamin E goodness 

Recommended at least 1 set (2 Bottles) for one treatment. Apply twice a day, morning and night for best results. 

It is best to pair CBS Triple Deluxe and Korea Rushup Slimming Essence for the most effective results. Both products work hand in hand to achieve the best results in the fastest time. 

While CBS Triple Deluxe helps convert fats into energy for us, it will help us to slim down healthily. As we are slimming down, we tend to have excess loose skin or cellulite and stretch marks, this is where Korea rushup comes in and work its magic.

Rushup will help to prevent cellulite and stretch mark and at the same time tone and firm up loose skin. Therefore, you can achieve a slim and toned body with little effort!


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1) CBS Triple Deluxe

2) Rushup

3) Bundle - CBS Triple Deluxe + Rushup

4) 2 X Bundle 


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