Sep 2020 Holiday Camp for kids (Exclusive SGIM Price! )


Developing leadership and communication skills at a young age increases their future career success by up to 92%.

Learning Studio's holiday camp is designed to help your child:

  1. Ace oral examinations
  2. Better chances at DSA
  3. Get noticed by teachers for leadership positions (CCA leader, prefect)
  4. Boost overall confidence
  5. Increase entrepreneurial skills
  6. Become more charismatic 

To create our Charismatic Leader program, our head trainer and curriculum developer has spent more than 10,000 man hours on research, trial-and-error to perfect our teaching methodology.


Unique Methodologies:



LCC™ focuses on spontaneous practices and prioritizes competent communication instead of relying on repetitive classroom drills. LCC™ brings language learning to life via active involvement and participation of students.


LAM™ is based on the theory that retention of knowledge is enhanced through association with physical movement. Through aural, kinaesthetic and tactile learning activities, LAM™ is designed to reinforce comprehension through memory. 

TPR is closely associated with theories of mother language acquisition in very young children, where they respond physically to parental commands. 

Activities with TPR are tremendous fun for students once they become less self-conscious. But it is precisely because children are less self-conscious about moving their bodies around the classroom, that these activities are excellent ways to get young learners up and about. TPR are great for kinaesthetic learners who need more action or hands on activities. 


LMT™ includes many practical and powerful learning methods that are specially designed to boost functions of memory and focus. It accelerates and improves pace and quality of learning, utilizing the creative aspects of your thinking while at the same time also engaging all powers of logical cognitive organisation. 


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Holiday Camp Details

Date: 5 - 6 September (2 days) Time: 10am - 6pm (Lunch Provided) For: 5-8, 9-12 year olds 18 hours of Fun Activites: $249 (Value at $388)

Early Bird Price: $189
(28th - 31st July or until sold out)

Registration opens on 28th July 2020... 

SGIM Exclusive Price at ONLY $68/-
For mommies:
-SGIM verified member price of SGD68 applies on a first come first serve basis until sold out 
-Upon attending the camp, parent and student will give a 5-10 second video testimonial and a WhatsApp testimonial

T&C applies:

(With SGIM: minimum 15 students to kick start camp, or it will be postponed to December. Price of $68 limited to 20 students)


Learning Studio Founder story

The beginning

Inspired by her mother who is a Chinese tuition teacher with parents who book her services up to two years in advance, Jamie became a tuition teacher and she saw the same success her mother did.

A new venture

Year 2010: Dedicated to avail education to more students, Jamie started a value-added venture with a business partner that helped students to look up for specific educators to tutor them according to their respective needs. Her knowledge in the education industry grew.


However, it was not always rainbows and sunshine. Being completely new to the world of entrepreneurship at such a young age opened doors to a series of unfortunate events where she was downplayed and financially exploited several times. Eventually, the partnership faltered and business operations eventually had to cease operations.


Year 2015: Instead of giving up, Jamie held onto her vision, not losing focus on why she started on this venture in the first place. Jamie saved up enough to buy two franchises in the education industry that help children with speech and public speaking. 


Year 2018: Jamie opened 3 new learning centres around the island to cater to the growing demand of students.

She worked tirelessly with like-minded people, Jolyn and Shaun, who shared her passion and goals to create a brand that will impact the students by helping them to find the joy of learning, while excelling in school and in life. 

Research and Development

Jamie went further and consolidated a team of curriculum specialists, masters in linguistics, NLP practitioners and child psychologists to start on a research and development program to fine tune the programme.

Learning Studio

Year 2020: Learning Studio was incorporated with the purpose of setting up learners for success in life and empowering them to actualise their full potential to excel.

This is how we have the program which we have today - on-demand workshops and programmes (classroom and digital) proudly built from scratch because of our shared vision.



Question: With the Covid-19 situation, will the camp be able to proceed?

Answer: Covid period yes we will still proceed with camp.

Our camp we usually do a lot of group activities, but for this period we'll do things like team bonding via kineasthetic learning while practicing social distancing.
Our trainers currently already are conducting team bonding & group activities on zoom, so they are equipped with the knowledge on how to engage the students in these activities

Question: SGIM Speical Price of $68, is it only for the mommies or followers too?

Answer: Yes, it includes their followers. But capped at 20 pax, first come first served, while vacancies lasts. After that, they may wish to pay early bird price for the camp