Micro Infusion Needleless Mesotherapy Facial (Per Session)


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Customized facial infusing high concentrated  essence into the epidermis layer of skin via a patented gas-liquid infiltration technology process. With 450m/s speed and 50-850Kpa pressure jet technology, the process ensures deep hydration and long lasting effect while stimulating collagen Rejuvenation.


Selection of Essence:

1) Hyaluronic Essence

Suitable for Dry Skin and helps to deliver hydrating elements into deep layers of skin.

2) Whitening Essence

Formulated and made in Korea, this whitening essence has high concentrated level of whitening properties which helps in achieving a brighter, lighter, and whitened skin tone. 

3) Botalinium Essence

World's first Botulinium derived material in ICID. Contains Botulinium, a major component of "Botox". Feel that stretch in the wrinkled area after a few sessions.