Education Planning for our kids (Free Comparison and Professional Consultation!)


At SGIM, we understand that a lot of our mommies may wish to purchase a maternity plan, an education plan or any protection policies for their kids and/or their family. However, there are so many companies and plans out there, so how do we know which is the most suitable and/or best plan out there, and how are we sure that the advisors put our mommies’ best interests at heart? 🤔

Now In SGIM, we have professionals from the financial industry who represents almost all of the insurance companies available in Singapore. Let us know if you need an advisor to meet you and advise on your loved ones’ financial planning, education planning or even health and protection needs. 🤗🤗🤗

Firstly, let us get to know a little more about you by connecting with us!

Remember to let us know which of the 2 types below you belong to:

1. I am open to all the companies available and hope to listen to a comparison by SGIM’s partnering Advisors; or

2. I have a specific company (Tell us the company) in mind and I just need an advisor trusted by SGIM to advise and assist me.

Why mommies can consider SGIM’s partnering Advisors instead of going directly to insurance agents?

Insurance agents represent Insurance companies. They act as sales representatives for insurers and their interests are typically tied to the commissions they earn from the sale of the products. Most insurance agents can only sell and represent one company.

Our partnering advisors on the other hand, comes from the perspective of buyers. Hence, most mommies feedback that they behave more like insurance brokers. Insurance brokers study the market, get quotes, and share options for clients to choose from. Our partnering advisors can compare almost all of the products of insurance companies in Singapore.


Some reasons you may want to use our advisors include:

- They save you time and do all the research for you. They find insurance companies and policies that fit your Budget and needs;

- Some mommies might have bought policies that are inefficient. Our partnering advisors can provide an unbiased view, identify dead assets and optimise the value of them;

- Our partnering Advisors can provide access to policies from numerous insurance companies, and can offer you multiple options with different price points;

- By comparing multiple quotes, you may be able to find the same or better coverage at a lower cost;

- Our partnering advisors are licensed and experienced professionals who provide the advice you need to make the best choice; and

- Our Advisors can provide for all of your insurance needs from home and car insurance to life insurance, health insurance and more.




1. Do I have to pay any professional/ service fee(s) for this service?
Nope. No fees at all. This service is brought to you FOC by our entrusted Advisors.

2. How does SGIM choose its Advisors? 

Like all other merchants on this SGIM website, featured mommies who are also merchants and recommended/ preferred merchants by the mommies community will be chosen. We choose our Advisors who have our mommies’ best interests at heart. 

3. Will there be any hard selling? 

No, there will not be any hard selling during the meet up. It will be more of understanding your needs and recommending suitable products for you. 

4. I am also an advisor in this industry, and I hope to be empowered to help the mommies in this community! 

Sure! We are always looking for trustworthy professional Advisors to value-add to our mommies community. Please drop us an email at and let us know a) Your name and IG handle b) contact number c) company you are representing d) Years of experience in this industry e) Achievements in this industry and of course f) whether you are one of our featured mommies!