We are welcoming new Live Hosts!



What’s a Livestream Host with SGIM?

Do you love to present, review and promote products and services?

Are you passionate in sharing what you love to people?

Wherever your area of interests ( beauty, health, kids' related services, food or travel etc) lie in, we may have some projects for you! Importantly, are you charismatic and confident in front of a camera during a LIVE session? Can you engage your audience well and keep them entertained?

Engaging live host(s) will be one of the services offered under SGIM to merchants and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) out there. You can view the full suite of offerings by later clicking the mega button below. 

By registering with SGIM, Businesses may engage/ pay you to represent them and be their livestream host for their live sessions. By being one of our registered live hosts, we will reach out to you when there are suitable product(s)/ service(s) that our merchants hope to engage a live host for. You can also pair up with your BFF if that's what makes you more comfortable! 

With SGIM, Livestream host can be a potential business opportunity and income source for you. You can appear live via a livestream session to connect with your followers/ supporters/ friends/  audience/ customers, share content, conduct demonstration, promote and sell products/ services and more! 
And Guess what? SGIM came across this Free Tik Tok Training that we thought some of you may been keen to join (it’s probably in Chinese though) haha. It’s ok as long you can understand Chinese, you can use the skills taught to still do it your style or comfortable language. 
Some of us might have already realised that growing followers and Global eyeballs 👀 in TikTok now is much much faster and easier than Instagram. But like all other things, Of course only with the RIGHT strategies, then are we able to are miraculous results. 
Tik Tok is collaborating with unions to assist in training tik-tokers to create contents in Tik Tok (particularly LIVE)

Tik-tokers will learn how to make profits out of content creations. If you have not already know, once you have 1,000 followers on Tik Tok, u can immediately go Live on Tik Tok.

The training is totally FREE, and the Union trainers have track records and have trained successful 抖音 LIVE streamers who have made a lot money.

Please see the attached PDF for more info:

It’s free, learn some new skills, why not? ☺️

Do fill in your details in the google form below so that we will keep you informed about the training details:
SGIM Full Suite of Marketing Service Offerings


Is being a Live Host a good paying job?

Yes, of course! In fact, if you are a successful live host, you are able to make a lot of money! At SGIM, with potential basic salary package and potential commissions from products/ services sold through your live-streaming, the Sky is the limit! Live streamers usually get paid hourly from $40/- per hour to as high as $1,000/- per hour of basic salary + commissions and incentives. By being a live host, you may also be given an ambassador account with SGIM, and you will earn a cash referral when any of your fans and followers purchase product(s) and/or service(s) at our website through your SGIM code.

Why wait? Register now!




Registration & Video Submission

  1.  First you need an interesting item that you can find in your house.
  2.  Now show us your personality and livestream hosting power by recording a 30 seconds video clip to promote this item. Ensure a clear view of your face and audible voice.
  3.  Register via our online form above and submit together with the video clip.
  4. (Optional) Post the 30 seconds video clip onto your Facebook, Instagram and Stories. Tag us @SG_Instamommies and include hashtags #sg_instamommies,  #livehostsearch. (Ensure clear resolution, no heavy beautification editing, and that your FB and IG accounts are set to “Public” so we can see your post.) 


    • Natural on camera and comfortable with livestreaming.
    • Digital savvy
    • Love to present, review and promote products and services
    • Think you can sell ice to Eskimos
    • Enjoy interacting with people/ audience
    • Passionate, eloquent, motivated and hardworking
    • Any talent or hosting experience is a bonus
    • Open to Singapore residents and permanent residents age 21 years old & above. (Males: To have completed National Service.)
    • Interested and committed to become a livestream host.
    • Be yourself!





    Q: What is live streaming?
    A: Live streaming refers to online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time. You can livestream directly to audience anytime via our various merchants' Facebook business pages or for selective mechants' product(s) and service(s) via our partnering Live Broadcast mobile app.

    Q: What’s a Livestream Host?
    A: Livestream host can be a potential business opportunity and income source for you. You can appear live via a livestream session to connect with your audience/ customers, share content, conduct demonstration, promote and sell products/ services and more! Sky is the limit. Businesses can also have the opportunity to engage/ pay you to represent them and be their livestream host for their live sessions.

    Q: What product can I use in my 30 seconds video clip for submission?
    A: Any item you find interesting enough to talk about and promote as if it’s for sale. Be creative, informative, educational or simply entertaining. Eg: your favourite beauty product, F&B product you find in the fridge, a roll of toilet paper, your funky socks, anything.

    Q: Can my video be shorter or longer than 30 seconds?
    A: Please keep the video to minimum 30 seconds. Slightly overun is fine.

    Q: What can I use to film my video clip?
    A: You may use your smartphone or camera. Ensure clear imagery, voice clarity and good video resolution.

    Q: When is the registration deadline?
    A: There is no specific deadline as of now as we are constantly looking for new talents and personas! Complete submission with the form submission in our website.

    Q: When will I know that I have been shortlisted?
    A: If you are shortlisted, you will be notified via Whatsapp/ Phone Call/ Email within 14 working days. 

    Q: Can housewife/ auntie/ uncle participate?
    A: Yes, all age group (above 21 years old) or race is welcomed to participate.

    Q: What are the usual selection criteria for Live Hosts?
    A: Presentation of Product(s)/ Service(s): 50%
    B: Personality/ Charisma: 20%
    C: Popularity in Social Media: 20%
    D: Q&A: 10%
    Total: 100%


    Terms and Conditions

    • Each entry submitted by the registrant should be made strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions herein before the entry shall be deemed a valid submission. 
    • Registrant shall make full and honest disclosure of particulars and information in the submission form. Any misrepresentation of any fact or particulars shall result in disqualification or compensation of any expenses that might have been incurred, and will be indemnified by the registrant.
    • Registrants are solely responsible and liable for comments made under the registrant’s name, user name, email address, and personal social media profiles. We reserve the right to delete or edit, without notice to registrant, any posts, comments, entries or content that we deem, in our sole discretion, inappropriate or in violation of any of our stakeholder(s)' (including but not limited to Facebook / Instagram) Terms of Use and policies and any content that is non-favourable to our client(s)/ merchant(s). A demand on removal of content issued by SGIM should be abided and actioned upon with immediate effect.
    • The registrant irrevocably grants SGIM the right to use related particulars, images, photos, videos for marketing and publicity purposes relating to SGIM. Registrant agrees to take part in any and all marketing, promotional, publicity activities and without additional compensation unless prohibited by law.
    • The registrant consents to SGIM’s collection and use of registrant’s personal data and disclosure of the registrant’s personal data to third parties for the purpose of communications and administration related.
    • We shall be under no liability whatsoever to the registrant, in respect of any loss, damage, injury, misfortunate incident (eg: death) suffered by the registrant arising from or pursuant to the participation in the registration.
    • By registering your interests, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, which shall form a valid and binding agreement between you and SGIM.

    Thank You.