What is this SGIM Website all about?

This website brings about recommended and relevant products/ services to our community of mommies at our Instagram page here.

How are merchants selected?

Most of the merchants are recommended merchants by our very own mommies! Not to forget our very own mommies merchants too, as we believe in supporting our own community and our motto “For mommies, by mommies!” If you are a mommy merchant and you want to value add this community, do write to us at admin@sginstamommies.com. To have a better understanding, you may also look at our SGIM Solutions Deck here.  

I have highly recommended products and services too, but I can't find them here. What can I do?

The process of bringing in relevant and recommended products/ services is always ongoing, and requires the effort of the mommies community as well! If you do have a recommended merchant and have been recommending them to your friends, you might as well link SGIM up with them, and we can work with them to provide you better deals, discounts and referral rewards! You may write in toadmin@sginstamommies.com

Are the deals here the cheapest in the market?

No, we do not believe in going for the cheapest but rather, the selected/ recommended and preferred products and services by mommies, and from there, we work with these selected merchants give you the good deals!

How are the mommies in SGIM selected?

Mommies in SGIM community comes from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life! We include single mommies and mommies in a nucleus family. Majority of the mommies are all residing in Singapore, though they may originate from other countries. If you would like to join the community, we will need you and all your kid(s) details at here: Be a Featured Mommy!Remember to pen ur mummy thoughts, motivations to other mummies, or even just sharing of your Joy and happiness of being a Mommy to ur kids! Ur inputs may be included like a quote as the photo caption.

What does the SGIM code offer?

The SGIM code acts both as a discount code as well as a referral code! It gives our community of mommies a certain discount and also referral incentives! At SGIM, we hope to help our mommies earn an extra stream of income, especially to our SAHMs! Our partnering merchants also share the belief of giving their margin to mommies as discounts and incentives rather than to rental fees and utility costs! 

You may watch this video here to understand more: 


How are SGIM Codes assigned?

The SGIM code is generally assigned to mommies based on the time they join SGIM! For example, our 183th mommy who joined us will have the code “SGIM0183” and our 250th mommy will be “SGIM0250”!