1. Do I have to pay any professional/ service fee(s) for this service?

Nope. No fees at all. This service is brought to you FOC by our entrusted Advisors.

2. How does SGIM choose its Advisors?

Like all other merchants on this SGIM website, featured mommies who are also merchants and recommended/ preferred merchants by the mommies community will be chosen. We choose our Advisors who have our mommies’ best interests at heart.

3. Will there be any hard selling?

No, there will not be any hard selling during the meet up. It will be more of understanding your needs and recommending suitable products for you.

4. I am also an advisor in this industry, and I hope to be empowered to help the mommies in this community!

Sure! We are always looking for trustworthy professional Advisors to value-add to our mommies community. Please drop us an email at admin@sginstamommies.com and let us know

a) Your name and IG handle

b) Contact number

c) Company you are representing

d) Years of experience in this industry

e) Achievements in this industry and of course

f) whether you are one of our featured mommies!