Why Engage A Mortgage Broker?

For most of us, A real estate purchase is the biggest financial commitment we undertake in our lifetime. Mortgage loans help to make that acquisition more attainable with financing options.

Interests cost is one of the largest expenses associated with a property purchase. Therefore seeking the best-in-market in financing terms to keep interest costs in check is key in achieving savings

An independent mortgage advisory provides an unbiased advice from your loans selection, home protection to handling the whole application process.

Benefits Of Using A Mortgage Broker

  • Mortgage Brokers provide a one-stop multi- bank, multi product range solutions vs a single bank product line offerings.
  • One stop solution at zero cost. 
  • We shortlist the best deals for your consideration.
  • We take you through the various types of packages, solutions and combinations of financing options.
  • We will examine your circumstances, plans and priorities to recommend you a loan that is right for you.
  • We will advice and inform you on the recent regulatory amendments and cooling measures .
  • We will assess your debt servicing ratio and borrowing capacity.
  • Save you time, effort, resources and monies.

Does A Broker Get Better Rates?

The rates that we offer are consistent with a direct walk in customer to the bank.

In some instances, due to bulk order submissions, promotional tie ups and close working relationship with the financial institute, we are able to offer exceptional rates better than a direct walk in customer.