How long can the filter last?

It can last up to 2 months for family use, and up to 2.5 months for single use. It depends on your usage and temperature of water used.

What temperature of water would you recommend?

Lukewarm water is advisable as the gel for the scented filter will not melt so fast.

Whats the difference between unscented and scented filter?

Unscented has the chlorine balls and will turn rusty brown after usage. It can last up to 3 months and is recommended for sensitive skin user. Scented filter built with Collagen Milk + Vitamin which made up with 100% natural and organic ingredients. It is gel type and will be melted completely and it has to be replaced ( takes around 1.5-2 months)

Is your filters suitable for pregnant woman and infants?

Yes, it is suitable. We will recommend our unscented filter as pregnant woman and infants have more sensitive skin.

How to install the filter?

You may install on your shower head or faucet area. We will advise users to install on faucet area as your shower head will be less bulky this way.

Which scent would you recommend?

For ladies, we will recommend our lavender, rose and strawberry.
For guys, we will recommend our lavender, lemon and honey.

Which is your most popular scent?

Lavender is our best seller.

Do I need to buy your shower head to use the filter?

No, you don’t have to. You may install on your existing shower head. However, our shower head is different from the usual ones you see outside. It is water saving, has adjustable water pressure and also has a STOP button for you to on/off the water. Very convenient when showering your little ones.

How much is your filter?

Unscented filter is $56, while the scented ones are ranges from $59 -62.

Any recommendations for eczema skin users?

You may try our lavender scent. Many of our customers used it and their eczema improves. But pls note that the duration varies. Some can see result instantly while some need to use for a period of time.

Is it suitable for pets?

Yes it is. We have customers who shower for their furkids and their fur soften.

How long does it takes to deliver?

2 -4 working days for local delivery
Can we select the scents for your family bundle set?
Yes you may. You need to indicate the scents preferred on the order notes box.

Where can I purchase your filters?

You may order it on our website. www.refreshwellness.com.sg
Do you have any retail store?
Unfortunately, all is based online now. We might have partner store soon.

Is it safe to swallow?


It is safe if you swallow the water accidentally. However, we will not advise excessive swallowing.