Paid Surveys

In SGIM, we partner with market research companies to offer mommies cash incentives when they do surveys or assist in consumer research findings.

These various projects will be posted here or in whatsapp group chats, and interested mommies can take part in the projects and be rewarded. 

Mommies can also forward the projects to their friends, and a small token of appreciation for the referral will be given to the mommy for successful referral.

If you would like to join the SGIM's Survey Whatsapp Group, click on the logo below: 

Note that SGIM Admin has the sole discretion of allowing or disallowing of anyone in the group chat.  


Anyway, if you are selected for a project, these interviews can be conducted in the form of Qualitative or Quantitative. 

What Is a Qualitative Interview?

qualitative interview is a more personal form of research compared to questionnaires. The interviewer can probe or ask follow-up research questions of the interview participant. In some cases, subjects may start to interview the interviewer. These are usually more in-depth, likely to be 2-way communication between the interviewer and respondents. It's popularly conducted usually in a focus group setting.  


What Is a Quantitative Interview?

Unlike qualitative interviewsquantitative interviews usually contain closed-ended questions that are delivered in the same format and same order to every respondent. Quantitative interview data are analyzed by assigning a numerical value to participants' responses. These are mainly conducted using surveys, questionnaires and can be conducted via online. 


Current Market Research Projects 


All Projects are fully taken up. There are currently no suitable projects available. 


Past Market Research Projects 

Milk Powder Survey

Venue: Zoom

Dear all, looking for Chinese mum age 28 to 39 with kids below age and consumer infant formula milk brands only NAN, Similac, Enfagrow , Aptamil or S26. Need to have a laptop or desktop to zoom in for a 2 hours focus group discussion and a pretasks of 3 days for 20 to 30 mins daily.

1)30/7, 2 to 4pm , mum with kids age 1 to 3 years old (pretask start this sunday)
2)3/8, 10am to 12pm, mum with kids 0 to 12 months old
3)3/8, 2 to 4pm , mum with kids age 1 to 3 years old
4)4/8, 10am to 12pm, mum with kids age 1 to 3 years old
5)4/8, 2 to 4pm , mum with kids 0 to 12 months

Cash Incentive $150/-

Travel Planning Survey

Venue : Online Platform and Zoom

Part 1 : On 21-22 May 2020, participants have to complete a total of 2 online sessions which can be accessed from a website from their own laptops/desktops. Each day, they have to log onto platform for about 60mins to complete the activity tasks given. 
The incentive is $100.

Part 2: On 25 May 2020, selected respondents who have participated in Part 1 will be chosen to participate in 45 mins follow up online FGD via Zoom. 
Incentive is $50  

Respondent should be:
Singapore Citizens or PRs

- Key decision maker in travel planning
- Must have travelled outside of Asia
- Open to new travel ideas and places
- Comfortable to access online platform and zoom to answer questions
- Annual household income above $60,000 for singles and $80,000 for families 

Profile 1:
Aged 25-44y.o. who have visited Australia before 

Profile 2
Aged 25-44y.o. who have not visited Australia before 

Profile 3
Aged 45-65y.o. who have visited Australia  

Profile 4
Aged 45-65y.o. who have not visited Australia  

Anyone keen, pls whatsapp following to 98533221 asap.

Profile No :
Name :
Contact :
Gender :
Race :
Occupation :
Single / Married no kid / with kids :
Do you Have Children Y/N  How old :
Have you visited Australia before ? (Y/N) :
Do you plan to visit Australia ? (Y/N) :
Are you the key decision maker in holiday planning? (Y/N) :
What countries have you visited in past two years ?
Annual Household Income :
Email address :


 Product testing : HUT (home usage testing ) placement of Electric finishing toothbrush for babies age 12 months to 24 months .During this trial, they have to temporary stop using their own finishing toothbrush.

Incentives via tt banking or paynow : $250 upon completion of all task.

Require 3 Mothers, 2 Chinese 1 non Chinese
Moms with kids age 12-24 months [mix of experience mum and first time mum]
Age of moms: 21-45 y.o
moms must be using electric finishing toothbrush to their babies
any of the Brands: Oral B, combi, foreo, Panasonic, Jack N Jill, Philips, Brush baby
Can be bought via online or physical stores [will verify their picture]
Baby tooth should not have major medical issues ( eg the baby has teeth problems )
Main /co decision in buying baby products for the babies to use
Exclude parents in sensitive industry eg MR, advertising, marketing or baby products (retail, brand, wholesale, manufacturing etc)
moms need to take photos and videos daily during the testing period , they can choose to mask the eyes area and just show mouth is fine, but we prefer those that don't mind to show. bear in mind we won't show all these in the social media, just internal researchers only
All respondent must be open to the concept of electric finishing toothbrush ( should not be an issue as all are already users)
client want us to make sure these moms have not try baby HUT in the past 6 mths (so will need your diligence to check)
1. Answer a pre link survey form
2. Respondent will need to upload photos and videos using the products daily. write short notes down on the issues or problems they face when using it.
3. Trial the products
4. Answer a post link survey form (it has open ended questions - need to answer articulately)

Delivery of prototype product for trial and pre-survey link: 18-19 May Mon- Tues,
trial period: 20 - 26 May Wed-Tues.
Post online survey link : 27 /28 May Wed/Thur to complete
collection of product back : 29-30 May Fri/Sat.

Anyone keen, we need the following details:
Name :
Contact :
Age :
Age of Baby :
1st Time / Experience mum :
Brand of your baby electric finishing toothbrush :
Occupation :
Industry :

Thank you.


 Shop Along for Electronic Device Survey

Venue : Courts @ Funan Mall, North Bridge Road
Duration : 1 hour
Incentive : $90

Criteria :
Age 24 - 65
Mix of employment; mix of students and those who are employed, No Home makers!
-  All respondents to have household income of SGD 5,000 or more; if a student, no income is required.
-  For education, all MUST be Tertiary & above 
-  All must be the sole decision maker or have heavy influence on home technology purchases in their household
-  All must somewhat agree or strongly agree to at least two statements about their home
-  All must own a Wi-Fi router
-  All own a smartphone; mix of iOS and Android platform users
-  All must intend to purchase either a smartphone or a Nest product the next 6 months
-  All smartphone-only intenders must be non-rejectors of Nest products
-  All must be willing to consider purchasing an electronic device at Courts 
- Mix of ethnicity 
-  All to be creative and articulate  

This is a shop-along study where respondent will be asked to walked through a local electronic store (@ Courts Funan) and asked questions by our moderator.

Apple (iOS) users : 12 to 15
Android users     :  5 to 8

Date and time :
30/31 Mar, 1/2 Apr
11am - 12pm
12.30pm - 1.30pm
2.30pm - 3.30pm
4pm - 5pm
5.30pm - 6.30pm

* Respondent to arrive at least 10 mins before appointed time
* Please inform respondent that any late comers will not be entertained

- Respondents will go through a screening exercise before they can be invited to join the study. Hence, not all names submitted will qualify for the study. 

Anyone keen, pls reply asap.
Full Name :
Contact No :
Gender :
Singaporean / PR :
Age :
Single / Married no kid / with kid :
Brand of current Phone (Apple / Samsung) :
Occupation :
Industry :

Thank you.