Bobo Jump by Jerosse (Bust Enhancement Tablets)

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A pair of twill woven shorts featuring slanted front pockets, buttoned back pockets, a zip pocket, buttoned waist, and keychain loop.

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1) 1 Box first to try
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3) Recommended 5 Boxes - 3 Months Program
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The Highly raved... Bobo Jump!!

 Bust Enhancement: Bobo Jump by Jerosse Bobo Jump (80 capsules/ Box) 

Featured in Taiwanese Variety Show...

Small becomes Big!
Big becomes less saggy!

So Why is it so effective? Look at its components:


Clinical Trials

How to consume?

 Amazing effect in just 10 days! 

3 Purchase Options (80 capsules/ Box):

1) 1 Box first to try

2) 3 Boxes for better pricing! (Save $18)

3) Recommended 5 Boxes - 3 Months Program (Save $45!)

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Bobo Jump Q&A

Q1: Can Bobo Jump really help in bust enhancement?

Bobo Jump uses Japan’s T22 Matrix bust enhancement technology and is very effective for enhancing bust. A complete bust enhancement requires 3 months. The first 3 months is to adjust your body’s constitution. You have to consume Bobo Jump continuously for 3-6 months to achieve the best results. Jerosse’s Burner Plus is recommended to improve your body’s absorption ability. 

Q2: If I were to stop consuming Bobo Jump after achieving desired size, will it become smaller?

No. Bobo Jump is made from natural ingredients so when you reach your desired bust size, it will not grow smaller. However, for a portion of people who experience unbalanced nutrition, an irregular lifestyle, reduced bodily functions, lack of sleep, or other reasons, could result in a small bust size. We recommend that after you achieve your desired cup size, you can reduce your consumption to maintain the size, lift, and firmness of your bust to prevent sagging. We often have health supplements for our face but forget about our bust. Bobo Jump is the nutritional supplement for your bust with the UTI Rose patented technology which helps prevent urinary tract infection too.

Q3: How to consume?

Sensitive Body Method

1 capsule each after breakfast and dinner. Total 2 capsules per day.

Normal Method

2 capsules each after breakfast and dinner. Total 4 capsules per day.

Fast Result

3 capsules each after breakfast and dinner. Total 6 capsules per day.

For the first 3 days, consume 1 capsule each after breakfast and dinner to see if body is alright with the intake before increasing to 2 or 3 capsules.

When conditioning your body for the first 3 months, some people might be sensitive to phytoestrogen. If you experience bloating with a loss of appetite, giddiness, insomnia, early or late periods, mild acne growth, or other problems, these are natural occurrences due to the body’s adjustments during conditioning. You can reduce the amount you are consuming, with 1 capsule each after breakfast and dinner, total 2 capsules per day. This will relieve your body’s reactions and decrease its sensitivity. After the body is accustomed, you can then increase the dosage.

Q4: How long do I have to consume Bobo Jump to be effective?

Through clinical trials, average will be an increment of 1.7cm to 3.3cm for upper bust measurements in a month. There are people who experience bust enhancement in 3-5 days while others take 1-3 months to experience gradual bust enhancement. Everyone’s body constitution, absorption ability, and lifestyle are different. First 3 months will be used to adjust your body’s constitution towards bust enhancement, and we recommend that you consume Bobo Jump consistently. You can match Bobo Jump with Jerosse’s massage videos to massage your bust so that it can help dredge bust acupoints faster. You can also consume Bobo Jump with Jerosse’s Burner Plus to speed up your body’s absorption for faster effect.

Q5: Can I consume Bobo Jump when I am on my period?

Yes, you can.

Q6: Can nursing mothers consume Bobo Jump?

Yes, if AFTER confinement. Not only helps for bust enhancement, but also prevent sagging and shrinking of bust, and other post-pregnancy related problems.

Q7: Can pregnant mothers consume Bobo Jump?

No. During pregnancy, hormonal changes are common and we recommend that you prioritise the nutritional content of the mother and baby.

Q8: What groups of people cannot consume Bobo Jump?

  • People under 16 years old
  • Pregnant mothers
  • All uterine/ uterus related diseases
  • All breast related diseases
  • Serious chronic disease patients and all cancer patients
  • Keloids
  • All liver related diseases
  • People with special/ major diseases

Q9: If I previously had a uterine or breast-related illness but have had surgery, can I still consume Bobo Jump?

For uterine and ovarian related illnesses, if either your uterus or ovary still remains, you cannot consume Bobo Jump. If your uterus and ovary has been completely removed, you can consume Bobo Jump. Patients with breast-related illness cannot consume Bobo Jump even after surgery.

Q10: If I am vegetarian, can I consume Bobo Jump?

Bobo Jump is not vegetarian as it contains fish collagen peptide. Vegetarians can use their own judgement to decide if they want to consume Bobo Jump.

Q11: Is it safe to consume Bobo Jump?

Bobo Jump pass all SGS testing. All ingredients are from natural extracts and do not contain any chemical. Bobo Jump also receive the premium quality award recognition from US FDA for the safety and quality of Bobo Jump. Furthermore, Bobo Jump is by a team of doctors and nutritionists from Taiwan. Human clinical trials have been conducted as well. You can consume safely.


Doctors and Nutritionist approved


Additional Information
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1) 1 Box first to try, 2) 3 Boxes for better Discounts!, 3) Recommended 5 Boxes - 3 Months Program