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Car Seats (Quality and value-for-money!)


Car seats are the essentials when we travel with our kids! Not only do we want to get in trouble with the traffic police, we also want our family to be safe!

We all know how our kids can be moving around if they are not secured to a seat. The distraction they bring when moving around brings additional danger to the driver. Hence, if you have kids and you drive, please get a good car seat!

When it comes to safety, we should always choose a trusted brand, and not go for the cheapest and we may compromise on quality and safety.ย 

Hence at SGIM, we understand that car seats are not a cheap purchase, hence we have car seats that you can use for a longer period of time! We have car seat that you can use for your little ones from 1 year old up to 11 year old! DOn't go for cheap, go for value-for-money!