Cavilla - Eye Lash Serum and Hair Tonic

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Cavilla Eyelash Serum is Cavilla's flagship product, selling over 92,000 units monthly! Highly Raved and recommended by thousands, including hundreds of influencers on Instagram.


Lash Essence is a highly raved eyelash serum that gives you naturally thicker, longer, stronger and healthier eyelashes. The nourishing ingredients in our lash essence helps to strengthen from the root to the tip, making your eyelashes look fuller and more beautiful. This product is 100% guaranteed to work on you.

Eyes play an important role in makeup. Without a proper makeup details on the eyes, consider your makeup is only half done. This is why we love to have our eyes to be charming, moist and beam with joy and beauty. It is a norm for girls to have the eyes to look bigger and more attractive.


What is Eyelash Growth Fluid?

The bio-enzyme “EPM” contained in CAVILLA Eyelash Essence is made with 10 different types of amino acids and these amino acids are essential to human growth which helps hair, muscles, skin and tissues formation. The essence stimulates the dormant secondary hair follicles tissues and encourage eyelash growth. As the eyelashes grow and becoming more dense and longer, it also improves hair follicle development. Since the hair follicle tissues of the eyebrows are at the end of the blood circulation, various physiological and pathological reasons of the human body can cause insufficient nutrient supply to the eyebrow hair follicle tissue cells, which can be the main reason for the sparse eyebrows for most people.



No more sparse and short eyelashes

Helps to grow thick eyelashes

Strengthen eyelashes

Provide the nutrients needed for eyelashes growth

Can be used as mascara primer


Helps lengthen, strengthen and thicken your lashes

Nourishes the root of your lashes

Speeds up lash growth


Clean your eyes and let it dry by gently wiping it with a soft towel. Apply a few drops and gently slide it over the roots of your eyelashes. (Take note: not to let the essence to drip into your eyes).  Gently slide the upper eyelashes and lower eyelashes with the essence. If you want to apply makeup then use eyelash curler + mascara to achieve the eye-catching effect. Use this essence every morning and night to experience faster eyelashes growth within 3-4 weeks.

It helps to promote lash growth by nourishing the lashes from the roots. Keeping it moisturised to promote healthy growth, your lashes will grow longer and healthier.

Get that natural long, thick and dark eyelashes all the time without having to depend on  fake eyelashes. 




Designed specifically for advanced thinning hair, helping you regain that confidence with a fuller head of hair.

Cavilla Hair Tonic's blend of all natural precious plant extract nourishes every hair follicle encouraging fuller and thicker hair growth.

Hair is the second most prominent feature of a man or a woman. Therefore, hair issues cannot be ignored. Our scalps need more nourishing and protection. According to some data, hair loss is mostly caused by scalp issues and it’s even affecting younger age people too. 50% of the younger group of people have abnormal scalp conditions.


Suitable for:

Hair loss problems

Sensitive / itchy scalp

Regrow receding hairline

Premature balding

Seborrheic dermatitis

Scalp inflammation

Less hair



Wash the scalp with shampoo and gently rub to remove the dirt and grease on the hair.

Use a towel to wipe off the moisture of the scalp.

Used Cavilla Hair Tonic and apply it to the scalp where hair is needed. (You’ll feel a mild warm sensation and itchiness when applying the hair tonic)

Use your finger to gently tap it. Note: If you use a hair dryer to dry your hair, avoid hot air temperature and don’t blow the scalp directly, this will damage the nutrients.

Comb your hair after the application. Use Cavilla Hair Tonic after washing your hair daily, and see the effect immediately after 3-4 weeks.

With our proprietary blend of chinese medical herbs along with natural ingredients, Cavilla Hair Tonic's 100% natural hair tonic promises to nourish hair follicles, promote blood circulation, and hair growth by providing nutrients to the hair roots.


✔ Solve hair loss problems
✔ Re-activate hair follicles for growth
✔ Thicken & darken hair
✔ Prevents receding hairlines
✔ Prevents seborrheic dermatitis



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