Lactation Cookies (Chocolate/ Peanut)


 Are you a new mom who is excited about the prospect of breast feeding for many months to come? Do you want to give your baby the very best milk, and to keep producing as long as needed? These cookies are not only delicious - in two different flavours - but they are known to help with milk production for new mothers. Highly recommended. 

Of course, your family members who are not breastfeeding can enjoy the cookies too! They are after all, organic and a healthier choice compared to a lot of other cookies!

Breastfeeding is a huge undertaking, so why not treat yourself?  These scrumptious chocolate chip cookies taste like heaven but are good for you!  Craving something sweet?  Grab one of these cookies and enjoy the sweetness while you help to ensure your milk supply is as plentiful as possible.  The classic chocolate chip cookie taste is always welcome, so boost your milk supply the tasty way!

⭐️ 100% Natural

⭐️ 100% Preservatives Free

⭐️ 100% Healthy


2 Flavours

  • Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter

2 Packagings

  • Net weight 300g (12 pieces)
  • Net weight 800g (30 pieces)


Please store your cookies in an airtight container at room temperature or in the fridge. Your cookies are individually packed and sealed in small plastic packets to lock in the freshness. The cookies are placed in stand up pouches with zipper and have been sealed to provide a second layer of protection.  



  • Room Temperature (Up to 5 days)

  • Fridge (6 weeks)


4 Order Choices

1) 800g Chocolate

2) 800g Peanut Butter

3) 300g Bundle: 2 X Chocolate, 1 X Peanut

4) 300g Bundle: 2 X Peanut, 1 X Chocolate


FREE Shipping/ Delivery

Delivery Charge is inclusive. 

Flavours Details

1) Chocolate

Key Ingredients

Butter*, Eggs*, Rolled oats*^, Chocolate chips, Brewer’s yeast^, Flaxseed meal*^ and Wheatgerm*




 2) Peanut Butter

Key Ingredients

Eggs*, Peanut butter^, Brewer’s yeast^, Flaxseed meal*^ and Wheatgerm*





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