Crayola Bundles for your kids and yourselves! (Free Delivery!)

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I guess when we mention the brand Crayola, there's no need for further introduction...

Crayola has products catered to different ages specifically...

Some wonderful products of Crayola includes their Colour Wonder series, watch this video and we understand why...

Look at the amazing bundles we have in SGIM for you below: 

Exclusive Crayola Bundles
for Singapore Instagram Mommies !!!


If you are looking for a basic colouring set for your kids or gifts, this is the perfect set. 

Bundle A: 
Basic Arts n Crafts Bundle

  • -  96 Crayons $17.90

  • -  12 Washable Markers $9.90

  • -  36 Colour Pencils $13.90

  • -  Glitter Glue $12.90


Get Bundle B, if you have a kid who loves to get his or her hands busy! You will never regret your purchase or Crayola's Doodle Board. 

Bundle B:
“My First” Doodle Board Bundle

  • -  My First Doodle Board $29.90

  • -  CW Baby Shark $14.90

  • -  My First Tripod crayons $8.90

  • -  My First Paintbrush pens $16.90

Kids love this because they are able to express themselves through finger painting. Parents love this because it's washable LOL

Bundle C:
“My First” FingerPainting Bundle 2

  • -  Colour Wonder Baby Shark $14.90

  • -  My First Finger Painting $24.90

  • -  My First Tripod crayons $8.90

  • -  My First Paintbrush pens $16.90

Get this for your little princess at home! Let them explore the different shades and tones of colours as they explore their favourite Disney princess!

Bundle D:
Princess Arts N Craft Bundle

  • -  Disney Princess Colouring Activity $13.90

  • -  50pcs Colour Pencils $20.90

  • -  8pc Techno Brite Markers $8.90

  • -  24pc Twistable Crayons $12.90

  • -  Blunt Tip Scissors $4.90 

Which boys don't love fast cars and super heroes?? And that's precisely why we got Bundle E for you! Let young spidey fans can take their artistic ability to the next level in a mess-free way! Includes full pages of Spiderman in web swinging actions. =P

Bundle E:
Little Boys Arts N Craft Bundle

  • -  Cars Colouring Activity $13.90

  • -  64pc Crayons $10.90

  • -  Modelling Clay $6.90

  • -  Spiderman Colour Wonder $14.90

  • -  5pc Paintbrush $8.90

  • -  Blunt Tip Scissors $4.90

Let your creativity run wild with the “Mega Arts N Craft Bundle” consisting of Crayola Crate and Carry Case with all the supplies you could imagine, novelty Emoji Stampers and a Paw Patrol Colour Wonder Activity set. Not to forget a bright spacious case to store all your art goodies 

Bundle F:
Mega Art Bundle

  • -  Create N Carry $39.90

  • -  Paw Patrol Colour Wonder $14.90

  • -  10pc Stampers $6.90

What more could you need with this “all you need” arts n crafts bundle consisting of crayons, markers, colour pencils, glitter glue and much more! Bring your creations to life with these fun art supplies, quality guaranteed.

Bundle G:
“All you need” Arts n Craft bundle

  • -  12 pc Twistable Colour Pencils $7.90

  • -  5pc Paintbrush $8.90

  • -  Modelling Clay $6.90

  • -  12pc Washable Markers $9.90

  • -  8pc Jumbo Crayons $9.90

  • -  Glitter Glue $12.90

Bring Elsa, Anna and your favourite Frozen characters to life with the Crayola Glitter Colour Wonder Kit! Bundle comes with Washable Crayons and Coloured pencils to make your crafts shine even more!

Bundle H:
Frozen Glitter Bundle

  • -  CW Disney Frozen set $30.90

  • -  24 pcs Washable Crayons $6.90

  • -  36 pcs Colour Pencils $13.90  



Colouring with Crayola is not just kids' play! Parents can hone their colouring skills and be artistic too!