Customized 3D Baby Castings Portraits



After 9 months, the moment has come! You hear your precious baby cry and open his/ her eyes for the very first time! Emotions start kicking in and tears well up in your eyes as you are unable to comprehend how beautiful your baby is!

We all know how precious those moments are and photographs are just not enough to appreciate such an important milestone in your family’s life.
Best Imprezzione has a product for you that would capture those precious moments forever! 
Day by day, as your little one grows bigger, our 3D Imprints portrait would allow you and your family to reminisce those moments you treasure so dearly.

Since 1992, Best Imprezzione has been creating customized 3D Imprints/ Castings portraits for Babies, Pets, Adults, Multinational Corporations and government agencies. Our mission is to capture treasured moments in everybody’s lives, 1 hand/foot/ paw at a time. Never forgetting all the beautiful memories shared with your loved ones.

All our portraits are fully customizable to each individual’s liking. Why get bounded to templated designs when you are creating something so memorable of your little one? 

We understand that every parent only wants the best for their kids and thus, we have only handpicked the best materials and staff to ensure that your experience with us and the finished products are fit for your precious one. 

How to Order?

3 SIMPLE STEPS and then wait for our call to fix an appointment with you!

Step 1- Choose your design out of the 19 Designs available!

1) Simple Design – Portrait A ($319)
2) Simple Design – Portrait B ($334)
3) Simple Design – Portrait C ($293)

4) Minimal Design – Portrait A ($324)
5) Minimal Design – Portrait B ($443)
6) Minimal Design – Portrait C ($564)


7) Bi-Fold Design – Portrait A ($403)
8) Bi-Fold Design – Portrait B ($611)


9) Full Photo Design – Portrait A ($393)
10) Full Photo Design – Portrait B ($381)
11) Full Photo Design – Portrait C ($568)


12) Classic Design – Portrait A ($595)
13) Classic Design – Portrait B ($324)
14) Classic Design – Portrait C ($289)


15) Siblings Design – Portrait A ($490)
16) Siblings Design – Portrait B ($602)
17) Siblings Design - Portrait C ($737)


18) Family Design – Portrait A ($699)
19) Family Design – Portrait B ($753)

Please note that prices quoted above for each portrait are as shown in pictures. 

As each portrait is customizable to the age of your children, frame upgrades, addition of horoscope, lunar animals, Chinese character and Religious symbols prices may differ from the designs listed above. Prices stated above is according to babies below 1 year old) 

Step 2: Home or Hospital Service? (+$40)

Create your baby's Imprint/ Castings in the comfort of your own home or hospital ward immediately after delivery! We will bring the equipments to you!


Once made the order and paid, we will contact you for an appointment. During your appointment, we will discuss the following:

Whether you would like Ad-Ons

A) $15 - Horoscope or Zodiac or Religious Symbols

B) $18 - Chinese Characters

Your Frame Choice

If you would like to have Box-ed Up Framing? (+$80)

The 2 options to collect Finished Product

1) Self collection at The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, #02-13, Singapore 229233

2) Delivery charges of finished portrait- $15




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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are the materials used safe for my Baby? 

Yes, all our moulding materials have been tested and certified safe for new born babies by European standards (EN-71/3).

2) Is it possible to take my new born baby’s Imprints/ Castings on the very first day? 

Yes, it is possible. Our staff are very experienced in handling new-borns and our materials used are definitely safe for your little one too! 

3) When is the right /preferred time to capture the imprints/casts?

The best time to take your baby’s Imprints/ Castings are usually when they are asleep. It is also possible for us to do so when they are awake.

4) Do you have home/ hospital service available?

Yes we do. For SGIM customers, you get a special rate of $40 only. U.P $50.


Terms & Conditions apply:

  1. Photographs and other necessary information or materials must be submitted within 1 month from the date of Sales Order. Failing which, the sales order will be considered void and payment will be forfeited.
  2. Full payment must be made before the processing of your order.
  3. We will be pleased to inform you for collection in 3-4 weeks from the day we received your baby's photo and complete details.
  4. No refunds, replacements and changes will be entertained.
  5. 5. $50 will be charged for express service if you require your portrait in less than 3 weeks.