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A pair of twill woven shorts featuring slanted front pockets, buttoned back pockets, a zip pocket, buttoned waist, and keychain loop.

Purchase Options: Testing Box (1 box)

Testing Box (1 box)
1 Month Bundle (2 boxes)
1.5 Months Bundle (3 boxes)
2 Months Bundle (4 boxes)
3 Months Bundle (6 boxes)
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Dkenko Pro

Specially formulated in Japan to ensure that it uses natural botanical ingredients to help in aiding natural weightloss, and those who face constipation issues. It has multiple benefits in 1 sachet such as antioxidants, fiber, reducing fat accumulation, keeping you fuller and the list goes on! We are also in consistent research and development based on consumer feedback on how to improve our products. 

  • Helps to lose the pregnancy belly
  • Safe for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mommies
  • Natural Weightloss
  • No Weight Rebound
  • Detox of the body
  • Keeping a slim figure
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Aid with constipation
  • Good for mommies who want to lose the pregnancy belly
  • Good for anyone who wants to lose weight overall
  • Reduces bloated belly



The more boxes you get, the better the bundle price for you!


Estimated Delivery: 2 - 5 *working days

(if you do not receive by then simply drop an email to

*1st day start from the next working day and working days exclude weekends and eve and public holidays


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will there be any side effects and does it cause any weight rebound?

Our product is made of 100% botanical ingredients with no chemicals, hence there has been no known side effects. It will not cause a weight rebound, as it is a natural and gradual weightloss product. Do not expect to lose 5 kg overnight as that is unhealthy and unnatural! Our customers who have consumed this, have given their feedback that there is no weight rebound. 

2) How long does it take to see results?

Results varies for individuals. It depends on your current body weight, metabolism and fat accumulation, hence there is no fixed answer. We advice customers to consume a minimum of 1 month supply.

3) Is Dkenko Pro safe for consumption?

Yes. As we are working on a healthy weight loss process, our product contains 100% botanical ingredients such as Avocado, Mango, Fibersol, Oat Fiber, Apple Pectin, Psyllium Seed Husk, Liquorice and Purple Perilla Extract. This product has also went through laboratory testing with SGS and is certified safe for consumption. 


Individual results may vary. The product is SGS tested and should not cause any side effects. If any severe discomfort is experienced, do consult a doctor. Do inform your seller on any issues that you face.

4) Is Dkenko Pro safe for breastfeeding and pregnant mummies?

Yes, it is safe as we use 100% botanical ingredients. We understand that pregnant mummies experience constipation very commonly, so this is a problem solved for them! Through the detox, it will also help mummy and baby to absorb nutrients better!



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Testing Box (1 box), 1 Month Bundle (2 boxes), 1.5 Months Bundle (3 boxes), 2 Months Bundle (4 boxes), 3 Months Bundle (6 boxes), 6 Months Bundle (12 boxes)