European Beads Charm (Customisable) - Breastmilk & DNA Keepsake Jewellery


The first impression of new mommy chance upon hearing Breastmilk & DNA Keepsake Jewellery, probably they would scratch their head & think what’s that for?

A very short introduction, at PLM, we create keepsake jewellery to have the capability to freeze & bring back every precious moment with your Loved One.

Your LO journey may start as early as your 1st pregnancy’s testing kit, Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan image, Umbilical Cord, Breastmilk, Grinded Placenta powder, Dry Umbilical Cord, 1st Hair Curl Cut, 1st Finger & Toenails cut to LO 1st tooth loss.


Your Mommy's diary starts with, be it, fully latch, latch & pump or exclusive pumping mommy, our own breastfeeding milestone is a very unique journey where mixed emotions kick in. We would never forget these super gan chiong to introduce a new yet dearly mouth to suck your nip, self-loathing because you can't do it well, extremely shag with the 24/7 alarm, angry when LO is teething, meanwhile happiness fills the air with this special bonding with your LO, not to forget about how you hao lian when you are oversupply.  

How to purchase?

Step 1 - Choose DESIGN from the 2 Designs available:

A) Foil Design ($118)

B) Glitter Design ($88)


Step 2 - Printed Name (Max 8 Letters)

Yes or No

Step 3 - Engraving at the side of the bead (+$30)
Max 24 Letters
(No font to be selected for this and available in only caps lock)

Yes or No


Step 4 - Fill in the required information (up to 4) under the check out remarks "Order Notes".

1) Colour Code

For Foil Design

For Glitters Design

2) Font Type - Choose from 18 Font Types

3) Printed Name (if applicable)
(Max 8 Letters)

4) Engraving at the side of the bead(if applicable)
Max 24 Letters
(No font to be selected for this and available in only caps lock)

Once the customised keepsake is ready, we will courier it to you
($5 charged during checkout). 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What the lead time for my breastmilk keepsake?
A) Due to our wide range and complexity of products, our completion range may vary from 3 weeks to 18 weeks. Base on average, 70% of mommy would receive their keepsake approx 10 weeks.

Q) What are the material used for your product?
A) The main key material used is 'Resin'. For our hardware such as pendant, we prefer it to be more hardy & lasting, therefore, we customize our hardware product carefully with high-quality stainless steel instead of silver which is more suitable to our humidity level in South East Asia.
Q) How long does my keepsake last?
A) The wearer plays a strong part in durability and maintaining all jewellery. A care card would be given to every purchase to guide the do & don't.


Every piece of precious keepsake may show variability as they are handcrafted with love.
We try our very best to produce the highest standards of crafting. However, please note that no two pieces will be identical. The outcome of each piece of precious keepsake jewellery will differ due to various differences of the inclusions sent to us. (eg: The consistency and colour of breastmilk)


Please understand that all keepsake jewellery art pieces are handcrafted with love. Our hands are not machinery. We strive to maintain/ improve on our skills to produce impeccable keepsake jewelry; and strongly believe that all inclusions are made out of blood, sweat and tears and are priceless to you.

We strongly discourage changing of your order once your inclusions have been sent to avoid confusion as we begin preserving right when we receive it and begin crafting right afterwards. We would not want to waste each other’s precious time, effort and money as your inclusions are so precious to you, and to us too.

We strictly do not provide a refund once payment is made so please ensure the details of your order are correct before you check out and also upon receiving the invoice.


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