Re-finance your HDB/ Property loan to save interests!


Is it possible to save hundreds of thousands just by re-financing your property loan?
Watch this video below to find out more!
At SGIM we understand that a lot of our mommies are homeowners themselves. However, there are so many banks and packages out there, so how do we know which is the most suitable and/or best package out there, and how can we be sure that the bankers can provide the best and prompt service as well as follow up? 🤔


Now In SGIM, we have partnered with mortgage professionals who can represent all the banks in Singapore. Let us know if you need an advisor to meet you and advise on your mortgage matters. 🤗🤗🤗

WhatsApp us at 98533221and let us know which if any of the 3 types below you belong to:

  1. I am looking to take up a new mortgage loan.
  2. I am looking to refinance to a lower interest rate.
  3. I would like to cash out from my private property