Increase you Bust Size Naturally with Cuppy Up Collagen Jelly!


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Patented Top Secret Fermentation Technology from Japan

1 sachet per day for skin whitening and enhancement
2 sachet per day for bust + skin enhancement ~

Best results is 4-6 months recommended by our scientists.

🌟SGS Quality Tested
🌟Formulate by Top Chemist
🌟Made of Organic Natural Ingredients ⁣
🌟100% No Harmful Chemical , No Laxatives , No Artificial Colouring & Favour⁣ ⁣⁣⁣
🌸Can be consume during menses period . ⁣

Cuppy up Bust Enhancement Whitening collagen Jelly :

❤️Natural Bust Enhancement up to 2 Cup
❤️Firming & Lifting Whole body
❤️Whitening & Skin Hydration & Brightening
❤️Reduces pigmentations & blemishes & scars
❤️Reduce wrinkles & fine lines
❤️Improve Hair & Nail growth
❤️Regulate Menses Cycle & Reduce Menses cramp
❤️Taste like Black Current Ribena Jelly

Our formulation of the product is made from a patented plant enzymatic hydrolysis technology, tripling the absorption rate of normal collagen by the body. With maximum absorption, the high quantity of quality collagen within the product will yield fantastically optimal results.

Most would agree that a lady’s bust is one of the most appealing physical features to an opposite. They can make a woman look more attractive, boost her self-esteem and even give her more confidence.

However, not everyone can always be endowed with the desired pair; some of us may have even lost the fullness and firmness due to childbirth, breastfeeding or health complications, but increasing your bust size doesn’t always require surgery.

There are simpler and more natural ways to achieve fuller, firmer breasts without going under the knife. Besides push-up bra, use of contouring make-up, breasts massages, birth control pills as it contains oestrogen, SGIM would like to recommend you the all-new Cuppy Up Collagen Jelly!

This 100% all-natural formula contains six key ingredients that helps you perk up your breasts. While some vitamins and supplements require you to fast for better absorption, this collagen jelly does not encourage fasting as it requires your bust to have sufficient nutrition for the results to be optimised.

All you need to do is drink it twice a day – one in the morning after breakfast and another before bed. While best served chilled, you can still drink it at room temperature especially during the time of the month. In addition to enhancing your bosom, the formula can improve your skin and hair health as well as strengthen nails and joints too.

As you can tell, there are plenty of non-surgical remedies you can try to achieve a more shapely bust. Some offer instant but less permanent results while others do not really come with any testimonials or before-and-after photos to show visibly positive improvements. There is a reason why so many ladies trust Cuppy Up Collagen Jelly!

Cuppy Up Collagen Jelly has proven to be effective in lifting and enhancing the breasts.

Additionally, there are other benefits too!

Look at how it helps in enhancing your skin!

Just look at these amazing results shared by some of the Cuppy Up Collagen Jelly users!

This 23-year-old woman’s bust went from 87cm to 91.5cm after consuming two sachets of Cuppy Up Collagen Jelly daily for just one month!

Meanwhile, this 45-year-old mother-of-three maintained her bust size but saw noticeable improvements in breast sagginess with the same dosage and duration of consumption. After achieving the optimal bust enhancement, it’s recommended to continue taking the supplement once a day at night for maintenance.

Unlike other bust enhancing supplements in the market, it can also be consumed for better skin health, thanks to a cocktail of premium organic ingredients that are good for the skin.

Part of its ingredient roster also includes micro marine collagen peptide derived from Atlantic cod fish, which contains nine essential amino acids to help maintain skin youthfulness and take care of key age markers such as wrinkles, acne scars, laugh lines, crow’s feet, dullness, and sagginess. This premium ingredient is also capable of boosting skin moisture while protecting the skin against UV damage.

More Before-After photos!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1a: Is this just another collagen? Why is it more expensive?

Answer: Our collagen are different from other brand collagen supplement because we use patented technologies to shrink the particles of the collagen which let your skin barrier absorb it fully unlike other brand collagen particles is too big to be absorb by your skin that’s why won’t see effect as fast as our collagen jelly . 
we are the only one that have this technology in Singapore and it’s salon graded formulate by top Chemist across Asia .

Example Toyko bust enhancement salon Chemist .

Question 1b: I am currently consuming collagen, can both be consume at the same time?

Answer: You can consume both together but not at the same time because we dk what ingredients is inside the other supplements which might lead to any conflict or what side effect . Therefore we always advise customers to leave at least a 1 hour GAP if they consume other supplements.

Question 1c: How do I ensure my body’s absorption of the marine collagen?

Answer: You can cast your fears aside as Cuppy Up Collagen Jelly employs a patented Japanese enzymatic hydrolysis technology to ensure the collagen can be effectively absorbed by the body.

Traditional collagen can be difficult to be assimilated into the body due to its large particle size, rendering it useless as your skin is unable to absorb the nutrients and reap the benefits. The patented Japanese technology used by Dollar Shape Club eliminates this possibility by decreasing the size of collagen particles to maximise the absorption rate.


Question 2: How do I also improve my complexion along with increasing my cup size?

Answer: To improve your complexion, just drink the Cuppy Up Collagen Jelly twice a day before bed for two to three months before switching it to once a night for maintenance. Remember to drink no less than three litres of water a day to boost circulation.

Question 3: Why is there such a strong desire for an all-natural breast enhancement product? 

Answer: It is commonplace that millions of women are discouraged with the size of their breasts and they consider surgery to not be a realistic option. Invasive surgery may pose too much of a risk for those with pre-existing health problems and the tremendous cost of such a procedure is way too much for most women who have too many financial commitments as it is.

Even if you could afford it and aren’t too bothered about the risks involved, itgoes unsaid that such a procedure constitutes several trips to a plastic surgeon. Every session with the plastic surgeon involves dealing with the discomfort and awkwardness of having to take off your top and your brain front of a stranger to take measurements and have multiple photographic shots taken at liberty to help find the best angles for the surgery to be done.

All women want to be able to enhance the size and perk up their breasts while reducing sag, naturally and safely. And we have the answer for that.

Question 4: What exactly is Cuppy Up Marine Collagen Jelly?  

Answer: 9 in 1 product! Not just another marine collagen supplement; it contains a botanical blend of ingredients for natural breast and skin enhancement. Patented technology primes our high-quality collagen for maximum absorption by the skin,whilst maximising the collagen’s effectiveness with the product’s other premiumand organic ingredients for optimal bust growth and augmentation.

Introducing Cuppy Up Marine Collagen Jelly. Dollar Shape Club’s Cuppy Upcontains all natural ingredients such as bromelain, papain, ginger, wolfiporia extensa, kudzu, partially fermented egg, vitamin E by fermentation and extracts from a large number of various fruits, vegetables and herbs. It also contains nine essential amino acids as well as Type 1 marine collagen and elastin. This wonderful combination of ingredients works incredibly to reduce the effects of ageing, adding moisture to the skin, reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity. Our collagen jelly is created with well-documented and researched ingredients to increase a woman's bust size by stimulating new cell growth and firming ligament strength in the mammary glands for natural breast enhancement. With proper clinical trials and subject testing, our product has been tried and tested to be fantastically effective for the thousands of women out there who desire a natural, safe means of attaining fuller, larger, perkier and better-shaped breasts. Not only will this product naturally enhance your bust, it’llmassively augment and strengthen your skin health, giving you a radiant, beautiful complexion and marvelous skin tone. Save yourself the expense and embarrassment with such costly procedures and explore a healthy, safe and all natural, consumable alternative.

Cuppy Up Collagen Jelly is completely safe, 100% all-natural and is made withonly premium and organic ingredients. Don’t wait any longer. Take thisopportunity to flaunt your beautiful cleavage and supple curves. You can do this with our revolutionary, potently effective breast enhancement product, Cuppy Up Collagen Jelly.

Question 5: What Premium, organic ingredients are used? 

Answer: With organic, premium ingredients such as Bromelain, Papain, Ginger, Wolfiporia Extensa, Kudzu Root, Partially Fermented Egg and Vitamin E. Cuppy Up Collagen Jelly also contains extracts from a large number of various organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. It also contains nine essential amino acids as well as a high concentration(HYP ratio 9.04g/100g)of Type 1 Marine Collagen Peptide, derived from Atlantic Deep Sea Cod Fish and Fish Elastin derived from Jackskip Tuna, which is exceptionally beneficial for beautiful, glowy, hydrated skin and a firm, perky bust line. The product is completely drug-free and does not consist of artificial hormones or preservatives.

Key Ingredients

- Kudzu Root

- Wild Yam

- Micro Marine Collagen Peptide

- Fish Elastin

- Mulberry

- Fermented Green Papaya

Question 6: What results can I be expecting as I continuing taking this?



In 7 days, you’d notice that your sleep quality will be improved. Because theproduct consists of all-natural ingredients, it’s completely risk free and painlesscompared to a surgical alternative.

In 2 weeks -4 weeks, you’d start to see that your hairloss has been reduced, your nails are stronger, your skin will start to glow and your physiological metabolism

will be improved; resulting in an improved urinary frequency and better regulated menstrual cycle.

In 1 - 2 months, your breasts will now be firm, with a reduced sag in your breasts -resulting in a shapely, beautiful bosom. Your face/body’s fine lines and wrinkleswill be greatly reduced, greatly improving your skin tone and complexion.

In 4 -6 months, you can welcome a new change, where you’d start to see yourbreasts become fuller, larger and perkier. You’d regain a much more youthfulappearance where your skin is wonderfully radiant.

After your desired results are achieved, you can continue maintaining your appearance by consuming 1 sachet every 2 days or 1 sachet a day to maintain the size of your bust.


Question 7: How to drink it effectively for Bust Enhancement? 


Drink it twice a day!

Have a single bag of the collagen jelly in the morning after breakfast and anotherbag before bed. It’s that easy! Best served chilled! This consumption schedulewill give you fair, glowy, hydrated, radiant skin; healthy nails, hair and joints whilst simultaneously enhancing and enlarging your bosom. Best served chilled!

Then drink it once a day!

You only have to drink it once a day after dinner for maintenance!

Drink no less than 2 or 3 litres of water a day

Water is very much essential to improve bodily functions and circulation within the body!

No Fasting!

Fasting is absolutely not advised as your bosom needs to have proper nutrition for the results to be optimized.

Not necessary to drink chilled when on your menstrual cycle!

Excessive consumption of cold drinks during menstruation will stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, directly affecting the digestive and absorption function of the gastrointestinal tract.

Fuller, shapely, perky and firm breasts in a healthy, progressive timeframe

Disciplined, consistent intake will yield fantastic results for your breasts and skin!

*Bust enhancement only works for people who are aged 16-45. For people who are aged 45 and above, you should consume this product twice a day for at least 3 months for skin-lifting, hair & nails strengthening, skin hydration and prevention of diseases.

Question 8: Why Start Taking Collagen Early?

Answer: Up until your mid 20’s, your body’s collagen levels are abundant, hence the lovelyskin and healthy joints of this age. However, this age is prime time to start to preserve your collagen and elastin - prevention is better than cure. From your mid20’s, the gradual decline of collagen begins and continues at the rate of around 1.5% per year. So now is the time to add supplemental, high quality collagenpeptides to your diet! Don’t smoke or drink alcohol excessively and refine a skinroutine that works for your skin, including a natural sunscreen for your face.

Your future self will thank you! Prevention is always better than cure!

When you’re 50 years old, wouldn’t you want to look 30? Or would you rather startpanicking then and resort to plastic surgery for skin lifting?

Question 9: What are the Key Benefits?


Key Benefits

- Enhance Breasts Naturally

- Skin Hydration & Brightening

- Contains Protein To Maintain A Healthy Weight

- Prevents Skin Wrinkling And Dry Skin

- Protects Against Harmful Uv Light

- Lifts Up Sagging Skin. E.G. Sagging Breasts, Buttocks And Belly

- Prevents Certain Types of Cancer

- Boosts Your Immune System

Question 10: I would like to check with my doctor before purchasing, do you have the nutrition and ingredient information I can show to my doctor?

Answer: Yes of course here it is!






1-2 packets of delicious jelly drink to consume a day! So easy!


All natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives, artificial hormones and drug free to enhance your bust!


Naturally enhance your bust size by improving the breasts’ blood supply and unblock cloggingof the mammary gland!


Reshape, perk up your breasts whilst reducing stretch marks and preventing sagging!


Promotes the function of estrogen, boosts skin elasticity and improves physiological metabolism!


Very high concentration of collagen significantly improves skin condition of the body, breasts and faceenjoy fair, youthful, hydrated, glowing skin today!