Lashes Services - By DlashSG


Hi Mommies,

we have got one of the best lashes services in town here at our SGIM platform for you! Which also means you are getting the best prices for you and your followers! 

As usual, all prices stated in the website are before using your SGIM discount code! So you get 10% + additional 5% if you were to use your discount code!

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For Everyday Look, we have: 

1) Keratin Lashlift + Tint
ONE Hour Session
$52.20 (Original $58)

Do not require aftercare. Lifting up your natural lashes. 

2) Airy 2D
TWO Hours Session
$70.20 (Original $78)

Perfect Design if you are looking to achieve a natural yet fluffy look. 


3) Bloom 3D/ 4D

TWO Hours Session
$79.20 (Original $88)

Created with the thought of working executives. 


For Fluffy Volume Look, we have:

4) Souffle 5D/ 6D
TWO Hours Session
$88.20 (Original $98)

Souffle or Camiila of your choice. Most natural yet voluminous look. 

5) Camellia 5D/ 6D
TWO Hours Session
$88.20 (Original $98)

Souffle or Camiila of your choice. Most natural yet voluminous look. 

and last but not least ...

for Mega Volume Look, we have:

6) Russian 7D/ 8D
TWO Hours Session
$106.20 (Original $118)

Russian or Kim. K of your choice. A highly skilled technique. 

7) Kim. K
TWO Hours Session
$106.20 (Original $118)

Russian or Kim. K of your choice. A highly skilled technique. 


All services stated above include:

1) Free Gel Eye-Pad

2) Free Primer Application

3) Free Lash wand with glitz tube

4) Free Lash Spa for removal

5) Unlimited Strands application


Purchase the amazing SGIM deal today! Our consultants will get in touch with you to fix your appointment once you purchased the deal. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I get a special price for touch up?

Yes you do, you only pay 50% of original price, and it can be done within 3 weeks, as long as 70% if the lashes are still intact. 

2) I still have my previous lashes on, do you all help to remove for free?

Yes! As long as you are removing and getting a new set from us, we will remove it FOC for you! 

3) If I want to remove but I will not be getting a new set for the time being, can I still get it removed at your outlets?

Yes you can too! We only charge $10 for the removal of our own lashes and $15 for the removal of other salons' lashes! 

4) Which are the locations I can go for my lashes services?

We are currently at
A) 10 Anson Road #02-15 Singapore 079903
B) Blk 208A Punggol Place Singapore 821208

Opening hours: 11am - 9pm Daily

5) I have something cropped up last minute, can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Yes you can! However, to discourage last minute changes and disruptions to appointments so as to be fair to customers like yourself, in order for us to fill in the available slots, all cancellations and rescheduling are to be done at least 2 days before appointment date. Otherwise it will result in the forfeiture of the session.