Liht Organics Essentials Kit – Makeup That Is Safe Enough To Eat!


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Liht Organics Essentials Kit – Makeup That Is Safe Enough To Eat!

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1 x Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation

1 x Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick

1 x Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner


Liht Organics

 Launched in 2019, Liht Organics was founded by Nerissa Low and promises authentic organic makeup that is not just safe enough to eat, but also heals as it conceals!

Our aim is to provide a luxurious experience with every application. Our wide range of high performance, ultra-nourishing and guilt-free makeup allows you to express yourself in every mood and season.

 Our promise is that you are investing in your long term health through quality products that are made with a high percentage of USDA-certified and FDA-approved organic ingredients, contain ZERO nanoparticles or harmful chemicals, and are vegan and cruelty-free.

Unlike commercial makeup, our products are infused with nourishing and skin-benefitting ingredients; bringing you makeup that is safe not just for you but those around you as well ( pregnant mums, pets, or children playing with makeup etc.)


Made in the USA with up to 90% USDA-Certified Organic Ingredients – one of the world’s most recognised certifications

100% Vegan – no animal by-products (eg. carmine, beeswax, animal fat etc.)

100% Cruelty-Free -  we never condone testing on animals, and we never will.

Gluten-Free – safe for sensitive skin

Contains ZERO Nanoparticles, Parabens, and Harmful Chemicals – will not be absorbed into the bloodstream and cause long term adverse side effects

Clean & Safe Beauty - Especially safe for users with sensitive skin, pregnant moms, children and around pets!


What Makes Us Different


High Organic Content -  some brands market themselves as ‘Organic’ or ‘Natural’ but in actual fact only include a small percentage of these ingredients. Our formulations are made with up to 90% organic ingredients, and 100% natural content.

High Performance Makeup – common misconceptions around Organic Makeup is that the colors are not visible, and the makeup does not last throughout the day. Our range of products are extremely pigmented, and can last for up to 16 hours. We use it in a range of functions – from daily wear, to photoshoots, outdoor shoots, bridal makeup, makeovers etc.

A Shade for Everyone – another misconception about Organic Makeup is that there are very limited shades available. Through the use of flower petals and mineral rocks in our formulations, we now have a wide variety of shades across a comprehensive range of products – from Liquid Foundation to Lipgloss and Blushes – the list goes on. Our customers who believe in safe beauty and also want a complete range to achieve various looks no longer have to compromise one for the other.


Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation (20ml)

90% Organic | Gluten-Free | Vegan | Cruelty-Free|Free of Nanoparticles, Parabens and Synthetic Chemicals

Keep signs of aging at bay with this lightweight foundation that provides flawless coverage and lasts ALL DAY – no touch-ups needed! Packed with beneficial ingredients like Aloe Barbadensis and Rosemary Extract to heal and nourish your skin, this amazing non-clogging formula is also rich in antioxidants to protect it from environmental damage. Oh, and did we mention it also smells of freshly baked cupcakes?

5 Choices of Shade (Youth Foundation):

YF01 Divine

YF02 Perfection

YF03 Pure

YF04 Mesmerize

YF05 Charm


Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick/ Moisture Burst Lip Glaze (6ml)

90% Organic | Gluten-Free | Vegan | Cruelty-Free|Free of Nanoparticles, Parabens and Harmful Chemicals

Get the best of both worlds with our Color-Intense Liquid Lipsticks/Moisture Burst Lip Glaze – the ultimate combination of rich hues and lasting hydration to give you gorgeous, kissable lips for hours! Formulated with up to 90% USDA-certified organic ingredients and a blend of essential oils and Shea Butter, this is definitely our pick for every girl’s makeup pouch!

4 Choices of Shade (Lipstick) & 6 Choices of Shade (Lip Glaze):

LS01 Mocha Latte

LS02 Strawberry Smoothie

LS03 Berry Yoghurt

LS04 Sangria

LG01 Berry Shimmer

LG02 Grapefruit Sorbet

LG04 Pink Cupcake

LG05 Ginger Glaze

LG06 Roasted Cherry

LG08 Peanut Butter


Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner (6.5ml)

70% Organic | Gluten-Free | Vegan | Cruelty-Free|Free of Nanoparticles, Parabens and Harmful Chemicals

Take your eyeliner from dusk to dawn, as smudge traces become a thing of the past with our ultra-long-lasting, 100% smudge-proof liquid liner! Deliver intense definition in every stroke with this super safe formula that is made of up to 70% USDA-certified organic ingredients free from artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals. And the best part - it lasts all day yet removes easily without residue!

1 Choice of Shade (Liner):

DD01 Black Onyx

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Organic mean?

We know that natural and organic makeup is made of plant-derived ingredients. However, the difference between Natural and Organic makeup is in where the ingredients are farmed!

Organic makeup is made from ingredients that are farmed in organic farms – meaning these farms are secluded (at least 40km radius) from commercial farms and are free of any contamination from chemicals or pesticides. Organic ingredients are also not Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).


Are your products Organic?

To be a certified-organic product under USDA guidelines, our product formulas have to contain at least 95% organic ingredients. As our formulas contain up to 90% organic ingredients, we do not say our product is organic.


However, rest assured that our range of products is made with up to 90% USDA-certified organic ingredients and is 100% natural and safe! All ingredients are listed on the label for your reference.


Where are your products made?

Liht Organics is made in the USA!


What are nanoparticles? Do your products contain nanoparticles?

Nanoparticles are just as their name suggests! These harmful components found in commercial makeup are nano-sized particles (most common in powdered products) which are so tiny they can be absorbed into your blood stream. When applied on a daily basis, the harmful side effects from there are endless – hormone disruption, birth defects, cancer etc.


Our products contain ZERO nanoparticles, and so they do not clog your pores and most importantly do not enter your blood stream. That means you can wear Liht everyday and be safe!


Are your products safe for kids?

Yes! Our products do not contain toxic ingredients, or synthetic chemicals & fragrances. Hence, they are gentle enough to be used on the baby soft skin of children!


Are you products safe for pregnant mums?

Yes! Because our products do not contain any nanoparticles, none of it gets absorbed into your blood stream. We also do not use chemical-based compounds in our formulations so we are extremely safe for expectant mums AND their babies!


I have sensitive skin but I need to wear makeup for work – will your products make my condition worse?


Not at all! In fact, it does just the opposite.


Our products are chock full of natural, nourishing ingredients that not only present a safer alternative to chemical makeup, but actually heal and nourish your skin while you wear it! Below are just some of the skin-loving, organic ingredients we use:


Aloe Barbadensis – the most nourishing among over 400 species of Aloe Vera. It also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent as it soothes and protects sensitive skin suffering from rosacea or acne.


Rosemary  Extract – The nutrients found in this extract protects skin cells from free radical damage and exposure to sun. Rosemary also has antiseptic properties, and serves as a natural disinfectant for your delicate skin.


Castor Seed Oil – Where do we begin! This miracle ingredient has healing properties to soothe sun-damaged skin, inflammation, and acne, and even moisturizes to reveal younger looking skin with its anti-aging benefits!


Help! I’m not sure which foundation or lipstick shade is best for me. Can you give me advice?

Whether it’s education on organic beauty, choosing the right shade of lipstick for your new outfit, or if you just want to learn more about makeup – we are always here for you! Hit us up on Facebook, Instagram or drop us an email at!