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Most of us could only choose 2 out of these 3:

1. Enough Sleep
2. A Clean and tidy House
3. Quality Family time & a Loving spousal relationship

WHAT IF you don’t have to choose?

Life is Busy, let Master Employment Agency lend you a helping hand today!

Watch this video to find out how hiring a helper enables a young mom of 2 kids to spend more quality time with her family and improve her spousal relationship: 

Master Employment Agency, with the key person having more than 20 years in the industry, and a highly recommended agency among many parents groups in Facebook and parents forums is our trusted partner in getting a suitable helper for you!

Watch this video to find out why you should choose Master Employment Agency for your hiring needs: 

Master Employment Agency makes hiring a helper a simple and convenient way for you!

All of us these days are so Busy with work and family, and our Leaves are so precious! 😩

Conventionally, hiring a helper means taking a full day leave and then going from agency to agency, putting down deposit 💸and then burning your half day leaves again to go down to agency for fruitful or unfruitful interviews as very often the shortlisted helpers are not always readily and easily available for interviews mainly due to their connectivity and reception in their countries. Also, if the helpers are at their respective training centres, training centres are usually available only during working hours.

Now at Master Employment Agency, after knowing your pre-requirements (We have more than 15 questions for you 😜), in the following days/ weeks we will be screening through all the datas and send u some Pre-selected bio datas to your needs. ☺ And with the recommended profiles to you, if you like what you see, you can interview them immediately through the convenience of WhatsApp video call. (Working employers usually just need to sneak a short 5-10mins toilet break to interview the helpers). This saves a lot of time and they don’t have to take half day leave to come all the way down to agency to interview the helpers.

Also, there’s no need for any deposit until you find and confirm a suitable helper. 🤗🤗🤗 So! Contact us, we will get your requirements from you and from there... Enjoy the hiring process! ☺☺☺

Oh btw, we do video conference too, as some employers prefer us to facilitate the interview process 😃😃😃

Watch this video to find out about the various costs of hiring a helper in Singapore:





Testimonials from clients:

Early 2019, we engaged Ryan to find a suitable helper for our young family. We are totally new in this, so we rely on his rich experience to recommend a suitable helper for us. He did his work and filtering of many portfolios, and recommend a helper to us. He settle all the paper work. All smooth and easy. As we are new, Ryan also give us tips and advice how to help her settle down and work well with our family.

It's been 9 months now, and we are happy with our helper. Started with some hiccups and miscommunication, things are generally fine so far, and she's very cooperative and hardworking. We are happy to have her helping out in our family. Thanks Ryan for the recommendations and all the advice. If you need a trusted agency to recommend you a good helper who fits your preferences, just look for Ryan from Master Employment.

Hi everyone, this is a picture of my family with my helper! I would like to share my pleasant experience with Master Employment Agency. 😍 For a business, I’m sure when things are well, people often are too lazy to give a good feedback, but when things aren’t, people are always ready to complain! 😂

So here I am to share a good feedback! Thank you Master Employment Agency!

I hired my Indonesian domestic helper; Fitri through Master Employment Agency with Ryan’s recommendation after he shortlisted a few domestic helper profiles based on my family’s needs. He never believe in sending me all the available datas as he advised that there’s never lack of resumes or biodatas available but finding the right match is another thing.

Ryan may ask a series of questions to understand your needs better, but it’s going to be worthwhile. He is patient, very prompt in addressing all aspects of related queries, while maintaining a high level of professionalism. 😃

Along with Esther’s extensive experience of 20 years, she was also able to handle all the paperwork efficiently and ensuring minimal hassle on my end.

While interviewing and selecting your helper, there’s no need for any deposits, and When you finally confirm a helper, their fast turnaround time is really valuable to me, this is especially so to employers who need a domestic helper in a short period of time.

Thank you once again and for anyone looking to hire your helper for the first time, I highly recommend them as they will be able to guide you on the various aspects of the hiring process.

Thank you!


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