Mr Bottle’s Magic Set


Dear Mommies! 

Are you looking for a magic set which children can learn values like creativity and empathy?

Have you always been fascinated with magic when you were a kid. Buy this set and let your child be potentially invited to an exclusive kids' magic club!

Our partner is a father who has used this CONFIDENCE booster to teach his shy daughter to perform in class. The transformation was mind blowing!


"...I see her become more confident and friends come to her readily without the efforts she used to make. With Magic skills, she is now the highlight at parties and is comfortable being the centre of attraction..."



After 5 years of testing and 3 years in development with award winning magicians, they have came up with this program which has great reviews from peers, adults as well as kids!

Included are 10 magic in this programme with instructional DVD with English subtitle. Children learn values like confidence, creativity and empathy in a fun way. You can even post your videos to Mr Bottle (FB/IG: mrbottlemagician) and he will give feedback on how to improve as a magician!

“Value for money” – Katherine Wee

“Mr Bottle & his team helped us with the programme for our Picnic@Istana with Mdm President. Because of them, the kids enjoyed themselves & had fun with the magic” Seo Cai Ling (Mr Bottle taught magic at Istana to kids who performed for the President)
Looking forward to sharing the magic with you!

Watch a video here:




Q: How old is this suitable for?

A: 2-12 years old. There are magic easy to do even for 2 year old and there are magic which even amazes adults.


Q: How can I learn the magic?

A: The set contains a DVD / link to learn the magic. There is also a link to receive more ideas using this magic set. You can even post the video to and Mr Bottle will help you personally with the magic.