Online Chinese Learning for Kids from 3 to 12 years old - By Hippominds

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Choose no: of Sessions here!: 1) 3 Months Program (27 Credits)

1) 3 Months Program (27 Credits)
2) 6 Months Program (44 Credits)
3) 1 Year Program (87 Credits)
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Guess what? We are so confident that we are saying it will be Guaranteed Result in 90days* or otherwise we will Refund!

 *T&C applies.

What We Do?

Adhering to the teaching concept of incremental progression, we integrate education and entertainment, and use one-on-one education to help children learn happily and release their unlimited potential. Hippominds’s optimized and advanced one-to-one teaching method is an efficient education program tailored to children’s personality and learning needs from the whole process of pre-school, middle school and post-school. Under personalized education, we believe that every child can learn happily according to his own ability and grow up in joy.


Why Are We Different?

Every teacher is carefully selected for all age groups (3 to 12years old), who love education, are serious and responsible. All teachers are strictly screened and have the characteristics of “loving and understanding children”. Our teachers are also good at observation and communication.

Our teaching method makes full use of the powerful advantages of the potential of the right brain to instantly convert a large number of Chinese characters into images, so that learning Chinese characters is like taking photos with a camera, allowing children to easily and naturally remember via word games and practicing.

 We ensure that the child achieves 100% in understanding and application of the lesson taught, on individual child’s progression level.

Guaranteed Result in 90days* or otherwise we will Refund!

*T&C applies.



1) 3 Months Program (27 Credits) - Valued at $945, Now $875 only!

Get 25 + 2 Free credit at $35.00/credit 

2) 6 Months Program (44 Credits) - Valued at $1540, Now $1213.80 only!

Get 42 + 2 Free credit at $28.90/credit 

3) 1 Year Program (87 Credits)- Valued at $3045 Now $2286.50 only!

Get 85 +2 Free credit at $26.90/credit 


*Each credit is for 1 session of 25 to 30min and we recommend to have 2 sessions a week to achieve better result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I top up the credit before it expires?

Yes, you can. You would be entitled to enjoy our promotional price when you go the Advanced plan.

  • Does the credit expires?

The credit would expire 1 year upon purchase. We recommend for the child to attend 2 lessons (2 credits) per week consistently to see improved results.

  • How do i make the payment?

Payment can be made via Paynow/Paylah.

  • What is the recommended age group for the program?

Between 3 to 12 years old.

  • Can I register for my child if he/she does not know Chinese at all?

Yes, of course.

  • What language does the teacher use to communicate with the child

The program would be conducted primarily in Mandarin. We will make use of simple English or lively gestures if the child has difficulty understanding Mandarin.

  • What is your teaching philosophy?

We believe that every child’s learning needs and pace is unique. Therefore, we will ensure that the child has mastered what has been taught before moving on to the next level.

  • What can my child learn in a time span of 25 to 30mins? 

It depends on individual’s learning abilities. We firmly believe that the child will progress as we have more sessions with them. You would also be receiving their progression report at the end of the 14th session.

Additional Information
Choose no: of Sessions here!

1) 3 Months Program (27 Credits), 2) 6 Months Program (44 Credits), 3) 1 Year Program (87 Credits)