Pandona (J70) Skin Cleansing Jelly - By Jerosse

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Pandona (J70) Cleansing Jelly - By Jerosse

Highly Raved in Taiwan!

Is your skin being throughly cleansed?

Making sure our skin and pores are cleansed properly is important especially if we put on make-up. 

Watch this video: 

So what's the Hooha about Pandona J70 Cleansing Jelly?

Let the Before-After Photos speak for themselves:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I use J70 to wash my face?


  1. Wet both hands
  2. Squeeze 2 to 3 pumps of J70 to your palm (adjust amount accordingly to personal preference)
  3. Rub palms together for 5 seconds then lather on face. Gently massage and cleanse.
  4. Wash lather off face and cleanse thoroughly.


  1. Maintain dry hands, squeeze 4 to 8 times of the J70 to your palms (adjust amount accordingly to how heavy your makeup is)
  2. Directly apply to entire face.

*You can use cotton buds dipped in J70 to gently cleanse the eye area. Avoid tugging around the eye area to prevent wrinkles.

  1. Rub gently in circular motions to allow the product to absorb makeup and impurities in your pores, and finally remove clumped dirt into your wash basin.
  2. Add water on face to lather then cleanse off, ensuring makeup is removed cleanly.

*After removing makeup, you do not need to cleanse your face again.

*Heavy duty lipstick and lip gloss that are not easily removed, as well as waterproof and oil-proof mascara or other strong waterproof and oil-proof makeup will require eye & lips makeup remover.


Q2: How can J70 improve acne related problems?

It contains a patented extract and contains multiple all-natural extracts from botanicals. Multiple research and tests from the Korean certification division has shown that it can improve acne related problems and reduce skin and cell secretion. It has twice the effects compared to fruit ascorbic acid but has no side effects like with the fruit acid and is completely safe for use.


Q3: Other than for cleansing and removing makeup, can J70 be used to cleanse back or chest areas with acne problems?

Yes, you can. J70 is extremely helpful in alleviating acne problems on the back or chest. For back or chest areas with larger pores and heavier oil secretions, it is recommended that you gently massage the J70 on dry skin and wash it off, and then repeat the process on wet skin. Repeat regularly for better and faster results.


Q4: How long does it take to finish a 200ml bottle of J70?

If you use it once in the morning and night, it should last you for 1 to 1.5 months. This is however dependent on each person’s facial routine, how many times you cleanse in a day, how much product you use each time, and how many people are using it.


Q5: What skin types are suitable for the J70?

J70 is suitable for all skin types! Be it dry, combination, medium, oily, sensitive, rosacea, or even after laser surgery skin types.


Q6: Why is J70 suitable for all skin type?

J70 uses amino acids, ingredients found in baby products, as a base ingredient. It is gentle, non-acidic, and non-irritation. Using standards used to make baby products to make J70, you don’t have to worry about skin irritation and inflammation when using it to cleanse your face.


Q7: Does J70 contain chemical components or acids? Why does it have such amazing effects in improving acne?

It does not contain harmful ingredients like chemicals or acids. J70 only uses natural botanical extracts and Korean patented ingredients. The J70 formula is top class and contains active ingredients creating very good results.


Q8: Which components of the J70 are good for the skin?

  • Improves pimples and acne problems, control sebum production, smoothen and brighten skin.

An exclusive Jerosse ingredient, certified and patented by Korean Aesthetic Clinic, has shown that it improves acne and pimple skin and controls cell secretion. Results are twice more effective than using acid and have no side effects like with the Retinoic Acid.

  • Removes impurities within pores, absorbs heavy metals from residual makeup.

[Korean Buckwheat extract] The extract effectively cleanses, as certified by the Korean Centre.

  • Strong cellular repair effect, strengthens the skin’s defensive system

[French organic sea fennel] The French extract has restorative properties.

  • Hydrates and locks in water, layer underneath skin effectively locks in moisture.

[NMF natural hydrating factor] This is a natural hydrating factor that naturally exists within our skin.

  • Relieves stress and relaxes the skin.

[Hundred-year French formulated fragrance] Using a specially formulated recipe from France’s perfume capital, the hundred-year recipe is the research results of top-notch fragrance. The light fragrance is gentle and classy. During cleansing, the light and elegant fragrance allows you to relax and enjoy the process. J70 has passed the Safety Product Certification and Allergy Skin Test Examinations.

Q9: How do I store J70?

Store in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperatures to prevent affecting product quality.


Q10: Can pregnant or nursing mothers use J70? At what age can start using?

Yes, you can. J70 is natural and gentle, with none of the harmful ingredients. Pregnant and nursing mothers can use it without worry.

J70 is suitable for all ages. Children under 6 years old usually does not require facial cleansing. Simple cleansing and drying with water and a towel will do. For children above 10 years old, if small acne or sebum production start to increase, they can start using J70. Mothers can independently assess their child’s skin condition.

Q11: Can men use J70 to cleanse their skin?

Of course, they can. J70 is extremely effective in minimizing large pores, reducing acne, pimples and controlling sebum secretion problems. It is very suitable for men who do not like to spend too much time on skincare or for those with high standards in their skin condition.

*Males with a thick epidermal layer or large pores are recommended to start cleansing with they DRY method, massage and then wash off with water, then cleanse again with the wet method. Use regularly for better results.

Q12: When removing makeup with J70, sticky clumps sometimes appear after absorbing makeup and dirt, what ingredient is causing this?

Jerosse uses all-natural amino acid interface activity as a base, coupled with numerous active botanical extracts. These causes sticky clumps after it absorbs dirt and makeup residue on face. These ingredients are natural and non-irritation, use with comfort and ease.

Q13: J70 combines cleansing and removing makeup into one single step. Can it really effectively cleanse and remove makeup? Why do so many people say that combining the two into a single step is not effective and is not recommended?

The key question in combining the 2 steps into 1 is the focus on “makeup removing capabilities” and “cleansing prowess.”

Current market products that have combined the 2 steps into 1 might not effectively cleanse or remove makeup. It could be due to the lack of experience in formulating the product, or a lack of balance in both “makeup removing capabilities” and “cleansing prowess.” It might result in a face not thoroughly cleansed or having residual makeup left on the face. This results in a misconception that such 2-in-1 products are ineffective.

J70 cleanses very thoroughly and removes makeup easily. The J70 formula is the result of a 14-year effort by top estheticians. These experts have developed over thousands of skincare formulas and have used various exclusive and unique botanical extracts to ensure cleansing and removing makeup reaches perfect standards. Coupled with top level French organic skincare properties, cleansing, removing makeup, and skincare, J70 is a 3-in-1 product. Choosing the right product is the most important.


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