Parenting Station


Some of us may not even heard of this? What is a parenting station?

When your child is too attached to you and you still need to get things done, this is what you need. 

 And if you want an auto-swing, here it is!

The Fealetto Auto Swing Parenting Station!


  • Gentle auto swing function with music - The auto swing can swing for 15 minutes and let baby fall sleep easily.
  • 4 swivel wheels design - 4 swivel wheels allow moving the parenting station around more easily and mothers looking at baby all the time.
  • Dacco seat cushion - The positioning concept originated from infant medial system, inspired us to develop this dacco seat to secure the baby in the best position all the time.
  • 5 adjustable angles - Angle adjustable backrest is connected to the footrest which is a Combi unique design. It ensures comfortable positions for the baby when sleeping or feeding.
  • Height adjustable seat - The height of the chair can be adjusted to 5 levels according to different needs.
  • Easy storage - Combi's unique 36cm folded height while the height of other brands is higher.
  • Storage box - Storage box is detachable and can store up to 9 pieces of napkins and other baby care products.
  • Cuddling style bed design - The newborn baby will feel safe while staying in this cuddling design which just like lying in mother's arms.
  • One-touch 5 point seat belt - Shoulder belt provides better protection to baby. One-touch button design for easy operation.
  • Rubber wheels with locks - Wheels are made from soft rubber with locks which will not damage the floor.
  • Washable seat cushion - The seat cushion is detachable and washable.