Pillowy Steamed Buns - Taste of Happiness (Free Delivery!)


We have heard you... Some mommies find it easy to put steamed bun with some fruits in kids snack lunch box.. and here we are bringing onboard the Tasty yet HealthyBuns for you and your kids.. Kids love them, so do their parents.. LOL
From mommies...  "biscuits are too heaty, hotdog buns unhealthy..." and the healthy options which kids also love them a lot would be...
These smooth and fluffy steamed buns are definitely a comfort food for the whole family. Most importantly, they do not consist any artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives.
If you are looking for a fuss-free breakfast or a quick tea-break, they are really a convenient choice! What's more, it is definitely a great option to include a steamed bun into your kids' snack box for school!
Good as last minute piping hot breakfast!
Can freeze up to 2 months so can eat slowly...😁
Each pack consists of 6 buns!

We have 4 flavours for you to choose from!!!

Red Bean: Pillowy bun filled with silky creamed red bean, exuding heavenly fragrance! Love at First Bite!

Caramel Kaya: Fluffy bun filled with traditional aromatic coconut egg jam. The comfort Taste of Home!

Lotus Seed: Fluffy soft bun filled with finest nutty paste made from fresh lotus seeds with an aromatic fragrance!

Salted Egg Lava: Pillowy fluffy bun oozing with smooth creamy salted egg special custard.

Outlook and respective flavours:

Flat plain: Red Bean

Puffy wavy: Lotus Seed

Plain with Red Dot: kaya

Mini in cupcake case: Salted Egg Lava

Suitable for vegetarians 
(Note: Contains nuts, eggs, milk and milk products)
Product of Malaysia

Delivery: FREE
3 to 5 days once order is confirmed
Shipment of fresh buns coming in twice a week
Orders will be consolidated and delivered during each shipment

Expiry: 2 months
Each pack consists of 6 buns!

3 Bundle Choices:
1) Family's Favourite (Bundle 1)

Red Bean x3 packs of 6 buns
Salted Egg Lava x3  packs of 6 buns
Original Price: $49.20

2) Family Togetherness (Bundle 2)

Red Bean x2  packs of 6 buns
Kaya x2  packs of 6 buns
Lotus x2  packs of 6 buns
Salted Egg Lava x2  packs of 6 buns
Original Price: $63.20

3) The kids' Choice (Bundle 3)

Red Bean x4  packs of 6 buns
Kaya x2  packs of 6 buns
Lotus x1  pack of 6 buns
Original Price: $53.20



Steaming Instructions:

 - Big ones (Red Bean, Kaya and Lotus Seed)
15 mins, after water comes to a hard boil.

- The lava is the one that cannot oversteam or it will turn custard.
4mins to max 5 mins if from chiller
8 to 9 mins if direct from freezer


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