PMA Anti-radiation card to protect you and your family

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A pair of twill woven shorts featuring slanted front pockets, buttoned back pockets, a zip pocket, buttoned waist, and keychain loop.

Qty: 3 please! One for myself + my two other loved ones

Just 1 for myself first!
3 please! One for myself + my two other loved ones
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Do you use your handphone beside you as an alarm clock? You may want to reconsider doing that. 

Do you also charge your HP right beside you while you sleep? You may really want to avoid doing that.

Many of us do not fully recharge our bodies during our sleep and feel very lethargic the following day because radiation is preventing us from having a good night sleep!

If you are a parent and your kids or yourself are using mobile devices such as handphones or ipad very often, you will be interested to know how this PMA anti-radiation card can help you. 


All of us understand the side effects of radiation and with the increasing dependency on mobile devices, we need to ensure our loved ones and little ones’ safety and well-being. 


PMA Card 

1) Reduces heat when phone is on 4G and when we are using GPS

2) Improves sleep quality while charging phone beside our bed

3) Protection against radiation when we are not using earphones when we answer our calls

4) Protection against radiation for men (handphone in pocket induces drop in sperm count)

This card effectiveness is up to 3 years.

$88/1095 days = it’s just 8cents a day for your health

For just $0.08 a day, you can protect you and your family from the harmful radiation!

 Video on the Harmful effects of radiation
Video on PMA anti radiation clothes and card

Airplane mode when handing over your handphones to your kids! Think no further, spend $0.08 a day to protect your family! 

Commonly asked questions

1) What is the composition of the card?

The PMA anti-radiation card is made with a layer of ferrite polymer in the middle.

When radiation waves pass through the plastic layer, Electromagnetic radiation will be absorbed into the high magnetic conductivity ferrite layer, resonate and transform into heat. This minimizes the electromagnetic radiation.

The card creates a radiation protection area bigger than the size of the card (30 cm is radius), thus protecting us from the harmful radiation.

 2) How does a radiation protection card work?

It works by absorbing the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) around us, eliminating toxic and provides comprehensive protection to our body. 

The electromagnetic waves always flow from low magnetic conductivity to higher magnetic conductivity area ( the ferrite polymer area). Therefore the electromagnetic radiation surrounding us will flow to the card when you carry one. 

Additional Information

Just 1 for myself first!, 3 please! One for myself + my two other loved ones, 10 + Free 1 for me! Spread the love!