Postnatal (Post Partum) Massage (Home-visits available!)

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Preferred Duration:: 60 minutes

60 minutes
90 minutes

No. of Session(s):: Trial

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Dear Mommies,

After your pregnancy, the physiology and condition of the body goes through the trauma and pressure of child birth.

Our Postnatal massage is thoughtfully designed to:

  1. Tone your body
  2. Improve Lactation
  3. Relieve Post Surgery Swellings
  4. Restore Womb Recovery

Our signature Postnatal (Partum) Massage offers full recuperation to bring hormones back to pre-pregnancy levels.


Helps in weight loss by giving new tone to your muscles

Helps to eliminate excess body fluids and reduces fluid retention.

Restores the uterus to its original state

Relieves shoulder and neck pain from carrying & breastfeeding a baby

Helps you feel positive & happy - Happy mummy = Happy baby


Benefits of Postnatal

A postnatal massage is what you need to lift you up, rejuvenate your mood, and get you all strong and active again. Post childbirth can be a challenging time for you, especially with the growing demands of motherhood. With a postnatal massage, you get to relax your body and mind as you go about fulfilling the duties of being a mother.

Fighting fatigue
Pregnant women experience different symptoms when giving birth. Fatigue is always part of the postnatal phase, adding to that is the breastfeeding and constant nursing to your baby. All these could really get you tired by the end of the day

Coping with busy schedules
Fact is, most new mothers do not get enough time to rest and recuperate their health. A calming and soothing massage will help you to cope with your hectic schedule.

Alleviating pains and aches
The pressures of childbirth and labor could give rise to mild or severe aches in the muscles for many new mothers. Postnatal massage can help in removing pain and discomfort from post childbirth.

Restores the uterus to original size
During pregnancy and childbirth, your body goes through a lot of changes due to the changing hormones. A nourishing postnatal massage greatly helps in aiding your uterus adjust back into normal shape, bringing you needed relief and comfort.

Speed up Postpartum healing

During the 1st few weeks of postpartum, healing has to occur in the site within your uterus where the placenta was attached. You may be experiencing mild to severe cramping, and your pelvic floor may be very sore from an episiotomy or tearing. After birth, your uterus, intestinal tract and urinary bladder have to regain their original positioning after being pushed to the side to make room for your growing baby. Your abdominal muscles may now be relaxed and flaccid, you may feel weak and sore when attempting to sit up. 

During this time, your breasts become enlarged, sore and sensitive as the milk ducts go into production. Breastfeeding can put strain on your back and shoulders.

 How soon can I start Postnatal massage?

For natural birth without complications, mummies can start postnatal treatment from 3 days after birth as soon as you are comfortable and ready.

For caesarean birth, it is best to wait for at least 2 weeks after birth or when the incision is properly healed before starting postnatal massage.


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Jamu mask treatment is done concurrently with the Post Natal Massage timing. Total treatment time is as stated.


Mon- Fri: 10am- 9pm Sat/ Sun & PH: 10am- 7pm


Hougang Central, Blk 806 #01-152,
Tel: 6386 2322

10 Tampines Central 1,#04-35,
Tel: 6782 2777

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Tel: 6776 8663

Blk 130 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-217 Singapore 600130,
Tel: 6565 8887

Toa Payoh Central, Blk 177 #01-134,
Tel: 6354 1911

Mon- Fri: 10am- 9pm
Sat/ Sun & PH: 10am- 7pm

Home visit Option is available! 
Inclusive of transport, treatment bed and towels)

After the purchase, you may opt for some of your sessions to be home visits*!

*T&C applies 


Home visit is only applicable for body massage services (Aroma Therapy Body Massage, Pre & Post Natal Massage)

Home visit is not valid for Trial price treatments. Only valid for Ala carte priced treatments.

Inclusive of treatment bed and towels.

Should client choose to opt for no treatment bed and towels, the transport charge still applies.

If clients purchase a 6 sessions free 1 session body massage package, the total number of visit is still 7, thus 7 x $38 = $266.

 Quantity purchased should be based on the number of home visits scheduled.

 Price quoted is per pax. If the massage is booked for 2 person, will be charged 2 times ($38 x 2)

Not valid for Friday, Weekends / Public Holidays.

For all home visits, we will send you a SMS reminder the day before. Any cancellations 24 hours before the scheduled time slot will be strictly charged full session and full home visit deduction.

Normal timeslot:

$38 per visit within 10 KM of all Theresa’s Outlets.

Outside of 10KM from the outlets: $50 per visit

Valid from Monday to Thursday between 10am to 4pm (Last appt timing 3.30PM)

Peak timeslot:

Within 10KM of the outlets – $50 per visit.

Outside of 10KM from the outlets: $60 per visit

Monday to Thursday between 5pm to 10pm (Last appt timing 8.30PM)

Frequently Asked Questions

1) When is it safe for me to try Postnatal Massage?

Postnatal massage suitable for mothers:

  • 1 week after normal delivery
  • 6 weeks after Caesarean delivery

2) What are the benefits ofPostnatal Massage?

Postnatal Massage can help to:

  • Improve blood circulation and energy flow
  • Relieve sore and tense muscles
  • Refrain womb from sagging
  • Expel Locia, Wind and Trapped wind
  • Improve lactation
  • Womb Recovery
  • Mental and physical wellness

3) When should I NOT get a Postnatal Massage?

A full body postnatal massage is not recommended if:

  • you have any medical complications, especially during and after the birth
  • you have skin problems such as rashes, blisters, boils and eczema
  • you’ve had a caesarean birth wait until your scar has healed
  • you have high blood pressure
  • you have a hernia

Always get your doctor’s approval before you start getting massages. Even when you have the green light, it’s important to get a massage that is right for your condition.

4) Any preparations before Postnatal Massage (Post Partum)?

Avoid eating and drinking excessively for 2 hours before Massage appointment.

5) What are the benefits of Jamu for Postnatal Massage (Post Partum)?

Jamu is not only used for medicinal formulations, it is also very effective for

  • Slimming
  • Skin whitening
  • Hair treatment
  • As a health supplement

The formula is able to cure rheumatics, cure Vitamin C deficiency, cure fatigue and energize the body.

6) Any after-care advice?

Postnatal massage makes the body system function more efficiently, speeding up waste removal and elimination of toxins. For some individuals, the after-effects may include: frequent urination, thirst & sleepiness. We recommend you to:

  1. Not bath for 12 hours after the treatment to allow the oil to be absorbed fully into the skin. This is important for detoxifying the body
  2. Drink plenty of water and rest allowing the kidneys to actively eliminate toxins

Additional Information
Preferred Duration:

60 minutes, 90 minutes

No. of Session(s):

Trial, 3 Sessions, 6 + Free 1 Sessions, 10 + Free 2 Sessions