Prenatal Massage (Home-visits available!)

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Preferred Duration:: 60 minutes

60 minutes
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Dear Mommies!

During your pregnancy, your body will enter a beautiful transformation, However during this process, you may encounter discomforts such as:

  1. Water Retention
  2. Increased Tension
  3. Cramps & Soreness
  4. Stress & Swelling

Our signature Prenatal Massage offers slow & soft strokes to ease your discomforts while keeping your baby safe & healthy.

Benefits of Pre Natal Massage

Getting pregnant is already a miracle, carrying a baby for 9 months is also hard work for Mama. Prepare yourself for a lifetime and rollercoaster of emotion as a mother by taking good care of yourself during your pregnancy.

Reduces Prenatal Fatigue
During pregnancy, women experience fatigue due to hormonal changes, stress due to the changing body, as well as mental and physical changes.

Physical changes to the body
Morning sickness, back aches, water retention, sore nipples, swollen ankles- these are just some of the common aliments during pregnancy. All these can be very overwhelming for a new mother.



What is the difference between regular massage & Pre Natal Massage?

In order to make a massage safer and more comfortable for Mama, certain modifications will be made during a prenatal massage.

Mama does not lay on the stomach & back
The therapist will have Mama lay on her side and cradle a body pillow to have access to Mama's back. In order to avoid pressure on the vena cava, Mama will be semi-reclined with the use of pillows behind Mama, as well as under her knees.

Certain areas will not be massaged
The abdomen, as well as any pressure points (around ankle, for example) that promote contractions or jump starts labor, are avoided during prenatal massages.




What happens during the treatment?

Mama will have special cushions to hug and lie down in a safe and comfortable position.

The pressure applied will not be too hard as we want to avoid blood clots formation that might be dangerous to Mama and baby. Prenatal massage is gentle and offers Mama relief without endangering mother and child.

The therapist will avoid massaging the tummy area, ankles and heels as these areas will trigger contractions.


How soon can I start Pre Natal massage?

We recommend Mama to start her pre natal massage from 16 weeks to 36 weeks. We do not recommend during the first trimester and too close to the due date.

Stretch Mask Prevention!

Stretch marks is formed when the skin expands too quickly without sufficient hydration to the skin. We offer a Belly Care treatment that can be done together with the massage. We incorporate Hyaluronic Acid serum, Stretch Firm Cream and a rich nourishing mask to deeply hydrate and soothe any itchiness in the skin.

(Prices listed are BEFORE SGIM code Discount!)

And we will getting touch with you =))

Note: Belly Care treatment is done concurrently with the Pre Natal Massage timing. Total treatment time is as stated.


Mon- Fri: 10am- 9pm Sat/ Sun & PH: 10am- 7pm


Hougang Central, Blk 806 #01-152,
Tel: 6386 2322

10 Tampines Central 1,#04-35,
Tel: 6782 2777

Clementi Central, Blk 446 #01-197,
Tel: 6776 8663

Blk 130 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-217 Singapore 600130,
Tel: 6565 8887

Toa Payoh Central, Blk 177 #01-134,
Tel: 6354 1911

Mon- Fri: 10am- 9pm
Sat/ Sun & PH: 10am- 7pm

Home visit Option is available! - Please look below for the prices applicable.
Inclusive of transport, treatment bed and towels)

After the purchase, you may opt for some of your sessions to be home visits*!

*T&C applies 

Home visit is only applicable for body massage services (Aroma Therapy Body Massage, Pre & Post Natal Massage)

Home visit is not valid for Trial price treatments. Only valid for Ala carte priced treatments.

Inclusive of treatment bed and towels.

Should client choose to opt for no treatment bed and towels, the transport charge still applies.

If clients purchase a 6 sessions free 1 session body massage package, the total number of visit is still 7, thus 7 x $38 = $266.

 Quantity purchased should be based on the number of home visits scheduled.

 Price quoted is per pax. If the massage is booked for 2 person, will be charged 2 times ($38 x 2)

Not valid for Friday, Weekends / Public Holidays.

For all home visits, we will send you a SMS reminder the day before. Any cancellations 24 hours before the scheduled time slot will be strictly charged full session and full home visit deduction.

Normal timeslot:

$38 per visit within 10 KM of all Theresa’s Outlets.

Outside of 10KM from the outlets: $50 per visit

Valid from Monday to Thursday between 10am to 4pm (Last appt timing 3.30PM)

Peak timeslot:

Within 10KM of the outlets – $50 per visit.

Outside of 10KM from the outlets: $60 per visit

Monday to Thursday between 5pm to 10pm (Last appt timing 8.30PM)


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Frequently Asked Questions

 When is it safe for me to try Prenatal Massage?

Prenatal massage suitable for expecting mothers in months 5 to 8 of pregnancy.

Is there any side effects to Prenatal Massage?

Is Prenatal Massage painful?

In general, and if done right, Prenatal Massage will not have any pain. In fact, it will allow you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Choosing the masseurs and establishment is very important when it comes to Prenatal Massage.

At Theresa Beauty, we have over 30 Years experience in dealing with Pre/Post Partum. Our masseurs are equipped with the right technique to ensure tension relief while keeping the babies safe.

Does Prenatal Massage helps to Delivery Care?

Yes, going for consistent Prenatal Massage can help with your delivery care. Other than the overall mental and physical relaxation, Prenatal massage allows your ligaments in the body to loosen up. This in turn will assist in the delivery process.

What are the benefits of Prenatal Massage?

The benefits of Prenatal massage are:

  • Prenatal massage relaxes the mother to be mentally and physically
  • The massage relieve the tensions in the muscles allowing mothers to bear labor cramp during the delivery process
  • Prenatal massage also benefits the baby as it eases out the mother’s body
  • Reduces backache and helps reduce water retention during Pregnancy
  • Helps in lactation, reduces the effects due to hormonal changes, and relieves from muscle pain



Additional Information
Preferred Duration:

60 minutes, 90 minutes

No. of Session(s):

Trial, 3 Sessions, 6 + Free 1 Sessions, 10 + Free 2 Sessions