Strollers (Combi Singapore)


Applicable from newborn onwards 

When it comes to strollers, what are parents' top priorities? 

Bringing our kids out, carrying the many things around, the last thing we want is a stroller that brings us more inconvenience than convenience. Furthermore we want a stroller that's value-for-money, which means a stroller that can be used until a child is 3-4 years old, when they are already in school level N1 and N2, and when their legs are strong enough to last a day out. 

At SGIM, we have mommies sharing to us and most importantly, we partnered with our partner, Combi Singapore to bring to you their range of strollers that will ease your day out. 

Please look at the available strollers here!

Product feature:  ( Handy S)-$289

Product feature:  ( Handy 4 X Plus)-$599

1)   Super light-weight  stroller only at 4.7kg.

2)   55cm high seat raises the baby above group-based allergens

3)   Grip & Go design with carry strap enables you to carry under your arm easily

4)  Machine washable Eggsshock is an ultra shock absorbent material equipped in the head pad and seat cushion to absord vibraion.

5)  Machine washable Dacco seat comprises a Head support, Back Support and Hip Support by absorbing and dispersing impact evenly to secure your baby  in the best position all the time.

6) Machine washable seat cusion is convenient for cleaning.

7) Air-through seat provides high ventilation.

8) 140mm diameter double wheels enhance the stabilitiy and make it easier to encounter the obstacles.

9) One-touch folding and opening is very convenient even when you are holding your baby.

10) Large canopy with mesh window cuts over 99% of ultra-violet ray in sunlight and provises better ventilation.

11) Large basket can load 5kg for bay goods.


Product feature:  NEYO Plus -$389