Super Baby 2021 (Online Registration & Submission)

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Due to the new Covid-19 measures, there will no more Physical Auditions.
Registration Video will be done via Whatsapp: 
Oh yes, don't be misled by the term "Super Baby" as the age limits of participants are 4-12 years olds, not really babies. LOL. And yes, the contest is open to all genders, nationalities and races.
It can be submitted in both MANDARIN or ENGLISH!
Generally, the video submitted should comprise of the kid's self- introduction of himself/ herself including 1) Full Name and 2) Age and 3) 3 Hobbies.
[OPTIONAL] Following, the mother can also have a self-introduction of herself to include 1) Full Name, 2) Thank you gesture for the program, and 3) Spur Singaporeans on in this Covid-19 Pandemic.

Check out the registration via the shopping cart, and someone will be contacting you shortly to brief you further. 

NOTE: Do not utilise your SGIM code for this deal. 

So who are the Judges??

“SUPER BABY 2021” 

  1. The age limits of participants are 4-12 years old. The contest is open to all genders, nationalities and races.

  2. Registration fee includes one basic grooming session (for child) and one session on health and nutrition (for mother). 

  3. Events shall be held in Singapore.

  4. Judging will be based on the mother-child mutual interactions and overall presentation.

  5. The winners shall receive the following:

Champion: S$2,000 Cash + Certificate of Achievement
st Runner-up: S$1,000 Cash + Certificate of Achievement
nd Runner-up: S$500 Cash + Certificate of Achievement

All participants who scored well shall receive the following special achievement medals based on judging scores:
90-100 points: Gold medal
80-90 points: Silver Medal
70-80 points: Bronze Medal

  1. Award winners may be offered opportunities in the media and entertainment industry.

  2. Judging results shall be announced during the Grand Final. All decisions by the judges shall be final. No correspondence or appeal shall be entertained.

  3. Event dates shall be scheduled as follows:

1 June 2021 Registration Open
15 July 2021 Registration Deadline
18 July 2021 Audition
25 July 2021 Audition
31 July 2021 Audition
22 August 2021 Live Streaming Show
29 August 2021 Live Streaming Show
5 September 2021 Live Streaming Show
26 September 2021 Grand Final 


9. The organizer reserves the right to make any changes to the events. The events shall adhere to the safe distancing measures implemented by the government. All participants shall be informed prior to any changes.

2021 智信美超级宝贝报名须知

  1. 参赛年龄 4-12 周岁即可, 男女不限, 国际不限,种族不限。

  2. 活动报名享有一堂走秀训练体验(孩子)、一堂保养体验(妈咪)。

  3. 活动举办国 -- 新加坡

  4. 活动以亲子互动以及亲子整体搭配为主。

  5. 本次活动将设:
    第一名:2,000 新币奖金 + 智信美和新加坡艺人公会联合颁发的荣誉证书
    第二名:1,000 新币奖金 + 智信美和新加坡艺人公会联合颁发的荣誉证书
    500 新币奖金 + 智信美和新加坡艺人公会联合颁发的荣誉证书


    90-100 分: 金牌
    80-90 分: 银牌
    70-80 分: 铜牌

  6. 得奖者有机会推荐相关娱乐媒体发展。

  7. 活动成绩将现场公布。评判团裁定是最后决定,不受质询

  8. 活动举办时间如下(根据参加的人手时间配合):
    202161日 开始报名
    2021715日 结束报名
    2021718日 试镜
    2021725 日 试镜
    2021731日 试镜
    2021822日 直播活动
    2021829日 直播活动
    202195日 直播活动
    2021926日 大决赛

  9. 主办单位保持最终修改或变更活动之权利。活动如出现协调安排将另行通知(与政府的 条例与疫情配合)。