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A pair of twill woven shorts featuring slanted front pockets, buttoned back pockets, a zip pocket, buttoned waist, and keychain loop.

Start Being Healthier!: AOX-800 DD + FREE Super Mini

AOX-800 DD + FREE Super Mini
Compac SSF + FREE Super Mini

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Choose AOX, your natural choice for your family and your baby!

For pregnant mommies, getting enough nourishing fluids, like AOX antioxidant alkaline water, is important during pregnancy to prevent constipation and provide for the expanding blood volume that carries oxygen and nutrients to both the mother and baby.

The Facts

Fact 1: AOX Water is the Market Leader. 

Fact 2: AOX Water has been recognised by prestigious awards programmes

Fact 3: AOX is a caring company.

Fact 4: AOX is the brand of choice among Medical Professionals.

Fact 5: AOX Water is a healthcare programme, not just a product. 

Watch this Video to know more about the 5 Facts of AOX: 


What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is water that has a pH level between 8 and 10 of 8 or 9 which is higher than the pH level of tap water which is generally between 6 and 7.

When rain water flows through layers of natural rock, alkaline water is naturally produced. AOX filters work on the same principle by adding in antioxidants and alkaline minerals and reduce the molecule size to boost hydration. Unlike electrolysis Alkaline Ionizer, AOX does not produce waste water and harmful radiation.

There are a whole host of ailments associated with excess acidity in the body. Drinking AOX alkaline water helps the body to eliminate this acidity and detox more effectively. 

Benefits include:

  • Soothes acid reflux by assisting in the breakdown of food proteins

  • Hydrates the body more effectively than untreated water and can help with hangovers

  • Neutralizes acid in the bloodstream to improve energy levels and metabolism performance

  • Dissolves accumulated acid waste

  • Supports the immune system and helps to prevent aging and disease through its antioxidant properties

  • Cleanses the colon

  • Helps manage skin conditions such as acne and eczema

  • Lubricates the muscles and joints and eases inflammation and arthritis

  • Rejuvenates the skin

  • Can benefits the kidneys and helps break up kidney stones

  • Reduces body fat

  • Protects bones

  • Helps manage allergies

  • Improves teeth, gum health and overall dental hygiene

  • Enables the better absorption of nutrients

  • Fights fatigue

  • Helps manage gout

  • Helps you achieve better overall health

AOX is Good for Babies, AOX is Good for YOU!


These are 2 SGIM Recommended Machines for you and your Family:

1) AOX-800 DD + FREE Super Mini

2) Compac SSF + FREE Super Mini



Whats's Super Mini?

It's an Instant Hot Water Dispenser! Watch the video to find out more


1) AOX-800 DD + Super Mini 

Room Temperature

2-Stage Filtration ensures clean and healthy water for you!

Its compact design means less clutter to your kitchen, and fits into any kitchen setting. It is versatile, could be placed on the kitchen top, wall mounted or installed under the sink.

AOX -800DD PURE’s lightweight makes it a perfect companion for overseas trips. Carry along to access purified water conveniently.

  • Direct piping or via a tap diverter
  • 2-stage filtration process to eliminate contaminants and impurities
  • No water wastage
  • No electricity required
  • Independent lab-tested 99.99% coliform bacteria removal
  • Able to efficiently remove heavy metals and fluoride


2) Compac SSF + Super Mini

Natural Antioxidant Alkaline Water Dispenser
Room Temperature

The AOX Compac Series is the latest innovation in the line of AOX dispensers as it is geared towards a minimalistic concept while retaining all the advantages of the AOX antioxidant alkaline water.

Housing will be neatly stored away under the kitchen counter. What you see is only the sleek stainless steel faucet.

5-stage filtration process effectively turns ordinary tap water into antioxidant alkaline water, essentially bringing spring water similar to that of longevity villages into your homes.

  • Direct piping – no disruption in dispensing water
  • No water wastage
  • No harmful ionizing radiation
  • No risk of rusty electrode plates
  • AOX uses 100% natural bio-minerals
  • Independent lab-tested 99.99% Coliform Bacterial removal
  • SGS Lab, AVA, WHO, FDA and KFDA tested 100% safe



Before making the purchase, Need a consultant to advise further? 

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Dr Eddy Bettermann, MD Stay Healthy. Drink AOX. www.aox.com.sg 

“You do not need expensive medicine with all the negative side effects to regain health. Everyone needs a WOMAN to improve their health. W for water, O for Oxygen, M for minerals, A for alkaline pH and N for nutritions. That’s why I recommend to drink AOX. AOX natural alkaline water fights acidosis and provides an effective antioxidants to defy aging.”

Need a consultant to advise? 

We will be in touch with you shortly.

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Start Being Healthier!

AOX-800 DD + FREE Super Mini, Compac SSF + FREE Super Mini

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