WHITETREE Organic Lactation Tea & Prenatal / Postnatal Teas

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Size: 12 days/12 teabags

12 days/12 teabags
25 days/25 teabags

Blend: 1) Nursing Mother Blend

1) Nursing Mother Blend
2) Calming Blend
3) Beauty Blend
4) Circulation Blend
5) Detox Blend
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- Doctor recommended 

- Certified organic 
- Non-caffeine
- Sugar-free
- No chemical
- Made in Japan 
- Gentle products for babies and mothers
- Partners with major hospitals

We have 5 Blends for Mommies!

1) WHITETREE Organic Lactation Tea for Boosting Milk (Nursing Mother Blend)

For Breastfeeding / Postnatal / Bust up / Anti-aging / Woman's Hormone Balance

Fenugreek, widely used by British herbalists, is said to be highly effective in increasing milk supply and bust size. Together with honey bush's anti-aging care and fennel, this blend is particularly recommended for nursing mothers. Customers who drink this blend often tell us that their breastfeeding children begin to sleep easier and that the tension in their chests goes away. 

Fenugreek /Nettle /Fennel /Honey Bush /Raspberry Leaf /Rose /Calendula


2) Calming Tea for Pre & Post Natal

For Pre & Post Natal / Fatigue / Stress / Digestion / Light Sleep / Stomachache / Baby Tummy Problems

Strengthens the connection between the body and mind. It tackles symptoms such as restless sleep, stress and mental fatigue, giving you the mental state needed for a good night's sleep and also caring for your digestive system. Made with chamomile and lemon balm, it is great to drink during times when you are experiencing stomach or menstrual pain. Customers tell us they love drinking this when their stomach hurts or before bed, and some mummies have anxiety and sleeplessness during pregnancy.  This blend is also good for baby tummy problems. If you drink it during breast feeding, it can support baby health too.

Chamomile /Peppermint /Lemon Balm /Oatstraw /Stevia /Calendula


3) Beauty Tea for Easy Birth & Post Natal

For Postnatal / Easy delivery  / Breast feeder / Bust up / Anti-aging / Woman 's hormone balance
Recommended for breastfeeding mothers averse to Fenugreek!
This Beauty Blend helps restore a healthy balance of woman’s hormone, increasing breast milk supply while improving your skin and hair condition. The main herb, Raspberry Leaf, is well-known for supporting easy birth and postpartum recovery.

Rose Hip / Hibiscus / Linden /Raspberry Leaf / Lemon Balm /Rose Pink /Orange Peel /Lavender / Stevia


4) Circulation Tea for 2nd/3rd Trimester & Post Natal (For Pre / Post Natal

For Pre & Post Natal / Backache / Swelling / Anaemia / Fighting Allergies / Rich Vitamins & minerals  
The Circulation Blend is rich in folic acid, vitamins and minerals, supporting improved blood and lymphatic circulation. With better circulation comes a cleaner, healthier system overall. The main herb Nettle is often used to fight allergies, and also good for reducing swelling or dealing with anaemia. It is safe to drink during pregnancy to reduce backache, anaemia, swelling, etc.

Nettle /Hibiscus /Rose Hip / Stevia / Elder Berry /Cleavers /Orange Peel


5) Detox Tea for Slimming & Post Natal(For Post Natal

For Slimming & Post Natal / Dieting / Improvement of body function / Pimples / Detoxification / Constipation / Alcohol drinker

The Detox Blend combines organic burdock to improve liver function and support detoxification,
maria thistle to remove heavy metals from the body and the refreshing taste of peppermint.
While not specifically intended to be a dieting blend, customers often say they lose 2-3 kgs when drinking it. They also tell us their body's tone improved!

Fennel /Burdock /Dandelion /Milk Thistle /Peppermint /Lemon Balm



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(if you do not receive by then simply drop an email to ServiceQuality@sginstamommies.com)

*Working days exclude weekends and eve and public holidays



Frequently Asked Questions

When can I drink the different blends?

Nursing Mother, Detox – Postnatal

Calming, Circulation – Prenatal and Postnatal

Beauty – 3rd Trimester and Postnatal


How to Drink

▷ You can make 2-3 cups (500ml to 700ml) with each teabag. Try to make the full amount at once instead of reusing the teabag. For example, some customers brew a full flask in the morning to enjoy it throughout the day.

▷ Use 100°C boiling water for better extraction from the herbs.

  1. T&C (if any)


Expected delivery: 3-5 working days

Returns: In view of the COVID-19 situation, return, exchange, or refund of consumable product is not possible.

Additional Information

12 days/12 teabags, 25 days/25 teabags


1) Nursing Mother Blend, 2) Calming Blend, 3) Beauty Blend, 4) Circulation Blend, 5) Detox Blend