TOP 12 reason(s) guys may give to their partner/ wife - Just for laughs

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In view of the recent "KTV" cluster, we have come up with…
TOP 12 Suggested reason(s) husband may give their partner/ wife:
  1. My newly joined colleague was part of the cluster, and I was tasked to provide orientation to him.
  2. My hawker here got one stall assistant part of the ktv cluster, yesterday i just dine there in the afternoon.
  3. My buddy’s recent girlfriend was the roommate of the KTV girl, should not have met him for kopi that day!
  4. The KTV viet girl also work day job at the Nail Salon, then my direct staff went to do nails that day!
  5. Colleagues and I were lunching at the restaurant that day which double up as a pub at night.
  6. My friend owe me money, ask me go collect from him if it’s convenient. Then ask me drink 1 glass of beer. Suay sia
  7. The Vietnamese restaurant we went to eat that day during lunch has a waitress there that was a mutual friend of one of the girls.
  8. I was helping a guy at the roadside that day to change his spare tyre, and damn, he was also linked to the cluster.
  9. This morning, my dad told me he was going for a swab test. My mum asked him what happened, he told my mum he went to Golden Mile to get some mango yesterday.
  10. Aiya they order food panda/ grab then just nice I was their assign driver so I deliver food to them . Kns end up suey Sia, work also kenna
  11. I know we miss teoheng so I go there test the Ktv set and see want buy for u anot mah so U can sing at home
  12. My immediate supervisor went to the salon to colour her hair and her hairdresser was linked to the cluster.
Yeap We encourage testing! So feel free to use the reasons to your wives and go for the testing for the benefit of everyone!
To all wives and especially the wives at instagram page @sg_instamommies This post Just for fun and laughs only horx 😂
Btw, We welcome more innovative ideas in the comments below..
给您的伴侣/妻子的 12 大建议理由:
  1. 我新加入的同事是集群的一部分,我的任务是为他提供指导。
  2. 我的小贩在这里得到了 ktv 集群的一名摊位助理,昨天我下午刚在那里用餐。
  3. 我哥们的新女友是那个KTV女孩的室友,那天应该不认识他的kopi!
  4. KTV越女也在美甲店打工,那天我的直属员工就去美甲了!
  5. 那天我和同事在餐厅吃午饭,晚上兼做酒吧。
  6. 朋友欠我钱,问我方便的话去他那里取。然后让我喝1杯啤酒。苏亚
  7. 那天午餐时我们去的越南餐厅有一位女服务员,她是其中一个女孩的共同朋友。
  8. 那天我在路边帮一个人换备胎,该死的,他也和集群有关。
  9. 今天早上,我爸爸告诉我他要进行拭子测试。我妈妈问他怎么了,他告诉我妈妈他昨天去金域买芒果了。
  10. 哎呀他们点了食物熊猫/抢然后很好我是他们的指定司机所以我给他们送食物。 Kns 结束了 suey Sia,工作也是 kenna
  11. 我知道我们想念 teoheng,所以我去那里测试了 Ktv 套装,看看想为你买东西,这样你就可以在家里唱歌了
  12. 我的直接主管去沙龙给她染发,她的理发师与集群有关。 . 是的,我们鼓励测试!因此,请随意对您的妻子使用理由,并为每个人的利益进行测试! . 致所有妻子,尤其是 Instagram 页面 @sg_instamommies 上的妻子。这篇文章只是为了好玩,笑只是horx 😂 . 顺便说一句,我们欢迎在下面的评论中有更多的创新想法。


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