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Joining SGIM as a merchant gave me an extra distribution channel to the influencers' followers. As my products can be quite high in value, it also allows my customers to pay via credit cards instalments without extra charges. It's so easy to receive purchase orders from email from the website rather than talking to customers one by one to close them.

Partnering Merchant

After joining as a merchant, my social network, the awareness of my product, as well as my leads+ sales increase a lot! Also I'm really glad that the mommies enjoy my product and this helped them with some good side income and well. With SGIM, I can have campaigns from product introduction all the way to reviews and feedback.

Thank you for choosing me as a partnering merchant!

SME Owner

I enrolled as an ambassador and I realised I can earn referral income from so many different businesses with just 1 referral code! All these share of profits with all these brands without having to come up with any capital or having to do the delivery or fulfilment myself. I simply love the referral income l am getting from just buying and referring what I love and believe in.

Micro-Influencer Mother of 2 kids

Over here, I can buy for myself or even recommend to my friends to just purchase whatever they like and I can be assured that I will not go too wrong. Moreover, as a featured mommy, we can also play our part in linking up brands which we trust to this platform. These products are hence a combined effort of our mommies' reviews and recommendations.

Jasmine Lim, mother of 1

I have always been looking for a reliable platform which I can find all recommended products and services for mothers and kids. Usually when I am looking for recommendations, what I do is I searched up google, parental forums or ask among mommies chat groups. Now, I came upon this website, and it consolidates all the research done, simply love it!

Isabelle Goh, mother of 5

Think "Drop-shipping (of BOTH products and services)",

"Affiliate marketing", "influencer marketing paid campaigns", "sponsored products and services". This platform managed to put everything together systematically for us. If we want the income, we definitely can work together and make it work.

Experienced Mommy Influencer