Home Workout Targeting all your Major Muscles

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Always using the same old excuse to not exercise?

“The gym is too far.”
“It’s too crowded at this timing.”
“I can’t go out for a run, it’s raining.”

Your excuses are invalid now. Let me introduce you 5 basic exercises you can do at home to build on your foundation and learn how to activate your major muscles (chest, legs, core, back).


push up sgfitfam.gif

Where you should feel: Chest and under the armpit

Where most people feel: Arms only

How to execute: Ensure that your shoulder to the knee is one straight line (if you not sure, take a video of yourself and check). Lower yourself down and when you push up, try to “GEK” (aka engage/squeeze) your chest muscles. Throughout the movements, make an effort to keep the shoulders shrugged away from the ears


squat sgfitfam.gif

Where you should feel: Back thighs, outer thighs, butt

Where most people feel: Front thigh only

How to execute: Ensure spine is straight throughout the movement (video yourself la then you know). Try to feel the stretch in the back thighs as you sit back and try to “GEK” as your stand up and finish up with a standing position squeezing your butt really tight until you want it to cramp (not joking). Ensure knees are in line with your toes!


reverse table top sgfitfam.gif

Where you should feel: Upper back muscles, core, butt

Where most people feel: Arms

How to execute: Shine your chest up to the ceiling, fingers pointing to the side, and squeeze your shoulder blades together BEFORE lifting your butt off. Squeeze the butt to lift off and hold your table-top position, means if I put a cup of water on your belly it should not topple, do your job well, table. XD


assisted side plank sgfitfam.gif

Where you should feel: Waist/core, under the armpit

Where most people feel: Neck, shoulders, lower back

How to execute: Think of lifting off from your waist, and check that your shoulder is stack directly above your elbows. Push away from the floor and shrug your shoulders away from your ears to engage your muscle under the armpit. Keep neck in line with your body (do a double chin, it will help), as most of us have a forward neck.


(do some cardio la, might as well right)

shuttle run sgfitfam.gif

Where you should feel: Heart pumping

Where most people feel: Heart pumping

How to execute: I’m sure anyone who has done NAPFA test in know what is this right, unless you are a foreigner never study in SG before then you read on. Set up a point A & B, sprint from A to B and back to A and keep going back and forth as fast as you can.


Feel free to plan your own number of sets and repetition, if not you can follow a guide for beginners below to kick start:

Push up - 10 reps
Squats - 20 reps
Reverse table-top - 10 seconds hold
Side plank - 15 seconds hold each side
Shuttle run - 30 seconds non stop
Rest 1 minute, REPEAT 4x



Credits to: https://www.sgfitfam.com


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